Sunday, 21 December 2014

A2Z Series - H Is For 'Holographic'

Hi NaiLovelies!

Week eight of the A2Z challenge and it is now time for one of my favorite nail polish finishes.   The letter of the alphabet is H  and the prompt word is HOLOGRAPHIC

For this manicure I chose to use The Mighty Red Baron by Colors by Llarowe, a gorgeous red linear holographic polish with such amazing depth and beauty.

This polish was a longtime lemming of mine but surprisingly has sat among my untrieds for a couple of months - until now.  Wow, I cannot believe how beautiful this polish is both in the bottle and on the nail.   It is stunning!!!

I thought my choice for this weeks challenge would be a far more obvious holographic polish because holos feature highly in my stash of indies.   However, I decided that I wanted this manicure to double up for my Christmas party nails and I needed something elegant which complimented my outfit - then I remembered I had this beauty in my stash!

As this is for the weekly nail art challenge, I figured I would need to step this manicure up a notch.  It so happens that when I changed my line of thought to a red polish I was torn between two polishes; CBL The Mighty Red Baron and Dance Legend Wow Prism, A Bullet For My Valentine and after placing the two bottles side by side I realised they would work beautifully together so I sponged a gradient using A Bullet For My Valentine to create a shimmery ombre effect.  Turns out that using them together in this subtle yet beautiful gradient hit the spot on so many levels and adding the Dance Legend polish from the cuticle downwards certainly adds an element of sexy broodiness to this manicure.

I love everything about it and I think it looks even better in person!

You can check out the inlinks below to see the gorgeous manicures created by the other talented bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.  Also, don't forget to visit the hub by clicking here to check out all of the manicures from the series.

We are now taking a short break for Christmas and the New Year so I'll be back with the next A-Z Challenge manicure around the 8th January

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Wow - I love red polish, and especially red holo polish! Your nails are awesome!

  2. hi Tracey! how can I contact you? Do you have an e-mail? I'd like to send you samples from my new UK indie brand. Thanks.


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