Thursday, 4 December 2014

A2Z Series - F Is For 'Fashion'

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This week the A2Z challenge has reached the letter F in the alphabet and the prompt word for this week is Fashion.
A few years back Minx nail wraps were all the rage with many a celebrity sporting the high gloss luxe effect of gold or silver chrome nails.  Things have moved on a bit since then and drugstore brands etc have brought out their own lines, enabling people to get a similar effect from the comfort of their own home.  

I picked up these fab Essie Sleek Stick nail wraps in the design called Sneek-e.  I love a bit of bling and animal print so the combination of both in this design instantly caught my attention!     I have lots of nails wraps and decals but tend to be hesitant to use them as they lose some of their flexibility when they begin to dry out.  These Essie strips are UV cured and it so happens they do not dry out after the packet is opened so I can easily use the remaining strips for accent nails.

The Essie Sleek Stick tabs look like clear plastic with the design printed onto them.  At first I thought they were going to be too thick and difficult to manipulate and therefore not lay nicely on the nail, but I was wrong.  

They are very easy to apply to both hands and I was even able to stretch them a little during application to make them fit acorss the width of my nails.  Top coat isn't necessary but I applied a coat of it anyway

Sneek-e Essie Sleek Stick UV Cured Appliqu├ęs
OPI Gelcolor I Carol About You
Double Top - Topcoat for Glitter - All That Jazz

I applied these Sneek-e strips over my existing OPI Gelcolor manicure.  The great thing about these strips that that when you have had enough of the uber chrome manicure the strips easily peel off leaving the perfect gel manicure underneath.  The strips stick to the nail very well indeed.  I only kept this manicure on for a day but the best thing is these strips peel off cleanly without damaging my gel manicure beneath it and I didn't even need to use any polish remover!

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