Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cuccio Grape To See You

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm back to show you my most recent manicure which I created to wear to Olympia Beauty which took place on the 5th October.  I really wanted to go for something pretty but also very wearable so I opted for bindis and gel polish as a perfect match....

Purple but a tricky one that is a magenta base with blue shimmer which makes it shift between all three hues.

Very easy application


Cuccio Grape To See You is a really stunning colour.  With its easy application, easy soak off and intriguing colour shift Grape To See You one is pretty high up there on my list of most loved gel polishes.

To create the feature nails it was very simple, the hardest thing was driving around my home town trying to find silver and gold bindis!  There were plenty of colourful options but they didn't have exactly what wanted for my manicure - so I turned to eBay and purchased a pack of 5 silver diamante crystal Indian Bridal Bindis.  They are stunning and are on a flexible backing so they can be adjusted to fit the curves of your nail.

The bindis are self adhesive and are very sticky as they are intended to be stuck directly onto skin,  I set them in IBD soak off builder gel and used a small detail brush to take some of the builder gel up the sides of the stones to secure but not completely encase them in the gel.

This is not my picture, it is from the eBay sellers listing,

Now back to the gel polish, I think it is only right to warn you that if you purchase Grape To See You, be prepared it gets alot of attention!  It really is such a pretty shade of purple.  So many people who commented on my nails grabbing at my hands as I walked around and visited stands at the 2015 Olmpia Beauty Show and that was even the case after I removed the feature nail decoration.

I can't wait to wear this polish again!

Ciao 4 Now

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