Thursday, 29 October 2015

Simply Halloween'ish

Hi NaiLovelies!

I am not someone who is that into Halloween.  My mum succeeded in putting me right off these spooky festivities in my adult years and subsequently it is not something I celebrate anymore.

When I was a kid I loved trick or treating with my cousins and school friends - it was so much fun!!!

Unlike me, my sister is big on Halloween and the kids love it so much!  I actually ended up being inspired yesterday after spending the day with my little nephew (her youngest).

He is very very excited about Halloween and was shrieking with delight when pointing out all the 'spooky stuff' in various shop windows and sounding disappointed when we drove past shops with zero decorations.

When he was picked up by his parents I decided to apply Crows Toes Shoot The Butterfly as a nod to the festivities.

Shoot The Butterfly is a true oldie but goodie which I initially reviewed almost two years ago.  This time around I applied two coats over one coat of Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress and covered with HK Girl Topcoat and Gelous for an extra smooth finish, all of which were applied over my existing gel polish manicure.

I could of added some spooky ghosts or pumpkins but that's not something I would wear so I decided to keep it simple, my own spin on a Halloween manicure.

Check out the sparkle and glow in the deliberately blurred photo above.

I think Shoot The Butterfly represents Halloween all in one beautiful, easy to apply bottle and is still one of my favorite indie polishes in my collection.

Ciao 4 Now

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