Saturday, 14 May 2016

Negative Space Mauvelous Melody & Magpie Lilly

Hi NaiLovelies!

I whipped up a quick manicure this morning and seeing as it came out fairly well despite me not having a clue what I was going to do, I thought what better place to share it than here on my blog.

I have heard that Mauvelous Melody has a tricky formula so this manicure has been about three weeks in the making.  Armed with the tips I have picked up along the way I set about creating this super pastel pink manicure.

First, I started by leaving this bottle of gel polish slightly open for about three weeks!  This was in an attempt to thicken up the polish as I had heard it was quite thin in consistency.  This thickened up the polish a fair bit so apparently that step worked a treat.

I applied a thin coat of American French Pink as a base and then added three coats of Mauvelous Melody, curing between each coat.   In person, I think Mauvelous Melody could do with a fourth coat but I seriously don't have time for that - I certainly don't have time to be soaking off five coats of gel polish along with a coat of topcoat!   Errrrrmmm, nope!  It'll do just like this thanks.

For the feature nails I created a negative space effect by using chevron nail vinyls.  I filled in the negative space area with more American French Pink and popped in a single Swarovski crystal before curing.  Finally, I patted on a light dusting of Magpie Glitter Lilly and topcoated.

American French Pink -  Gel II
Mauvelous Meldoy - Gel II
Lilly - Magpie Glitter
Nail Vinyls
Swarovski Crystals

I love the finished look of this manicure and it makes a nice change to look down at my nails and no longer see the neon pigment manicure I had been wearing for over two weeks because I have been ill.

Ciao 4 Now


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  1. I love this manicure Tracey very pretty. Thanks for sharing


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