Sunday, 1 May 2016

Color Club Holographic Gel Polish & Magpie Neon Pigments

Hi NaiLovelies!

I always thought neon nails were not for me, that was until I discovered gel polish and realised how awesome neons are.

I have quite a few neon shades mainly within the IBD brand and I have the Morgan Taylor neons in regular polish but I was drawn to the Magpie Pigments as soon as I first set eyes on them.

I recently purchased the entire set of six neon pigments from Magpie Beauty.  These pigments are in fine powder form and are incredibly saturated, the colour pay off is incredibly intense.

I applied the pigments using a vertical glitter gradient using all six colours.  I used two coats of IBD Carte Blanche as a base and then used a thin tipped brush to apply the pigment.  I do have the Magpie Beauty Detailer Brush which would have been perfect to apply the pigment; but truth be told, I couldn't be bothered to get it out of my mobile kit.

After applying the pigments, I topcoated the nails twice.  Next I applied two coats of Color Club Halo Hues gel polish in the shade Harp On It, a lovely silver linear holographic gel polish.  Although I already have many of the Halo Hues in lacquer formula this was my first time using the gel polish formula.  I am very impressed by how it applied even though the brush is thinner than I prefer, I also love how well it has worn over the past week.

Finally, I used various sections of the Yours Cosmetics Sascha Gossen Zebra plate to stamp abstract white zebra lines over the neon pigment gradient using MDU white stamping polish. I then topcoated twice with HK Girl topcoat.

I absolutely love how this manicure came together and it is the perfect intro for my new/old nail shape which made a reappearance earlier this week.  It looks so cool on my nails and I love how this manicure pops when I wear it with black - my wardrobe favourite.

Ciao 4 Now


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