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Hi NaiLovelies!

What do you do when you have over 300+ gel polishes in your collection and you don't know what colour to choose?


 Black and white always looks awesome and I think it is so classy as a choice for a manicure.  Throw in a bit of chrome and you've truly got something extra special!   

I used Magpie Dust Tiara for my chromed nails. Tiara is a gorgeous champagne silver fine glitter dust.

 Chrome nails have been BIG NEWS in the nail community over the past few weeks!  
I will never live it down if I don't mention that my sister (lifestyle blogger at Little Likely Lads) mentioned having a full set of chrome nails done a good couple of weeks before everyone went Chrome Crazy. 

 I should also point out that even though my sister thinks she is the first person to ever think of this, my lovely nail pal Angela over at Social Claws came up with this idea about 2 years ago but for some reason it never took off, well not quite like it has in recent weeks! I loved the results Angela achieved but because I didn't have the Akzentz No Wipe Topcoat I thought that it wasn't an effect I could achieve so I never gave it second thought...... 

 Fast forward to June 2016 and everyone seems to have lost their mind over this latest nail trend. 

 It has taken me a little while to try out this look for myself because truth be told, I wasn't really all that bothered about it and I have a-million-and-one other nail designs planned in my mani line up but boy am I glad I gave this a whirl. 

 I absolutely love how it turned out!!! 

LeChat Nobility Black
IBD Carte Blanche
Konad Special Polish Black
Konad Special Polish White
Moyra Florality 1 Stamping Plate
Magpie Tiara Dust

Moyra Florality 1

The chrome technique takes a little practice to ensure you get it spot on and achieve that show stopping mirror finish. My camera picks up ever little bit of detail so the effect photographs a little hazy/grainy but in real life is has the wow factor and far less grainy - I can even see my reflection in these bad boys they are super smooth, shiny and reflective!   

I used different topcoats on each of the chrome nails and got a very shiny finish using IBD topcoat.

LEFT:  Gel II No Cleanse over Tiara
RIGHT:   IBD Topcoat over Tiara

I decided to go for a non-identical manicure, by that I mean each hand is not a carbon copy of the other. Instead, I have random nails painted either black or white with a beautiful floral image stamped in contrasting colours. 

I absolutely love everything about this manicure and I can't wait to try out some more chrome designs.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This is absolutely stunning. Black and white nails can kick arse coloured ones ;)

  2. I like this stamping idea. It's a pity that don't have stamping like you. Very often I copy designs from http://nailartstyle.com/top-30-fun-nail-designs . I wish I had some of your nailpolishes and stamping.

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely Gel II!!! It wore perfectly for two weeks no tip wear or loss of chrome colour at the tips.

      The one with IBD topcoat peeled off the chrome the following day. I reapplied the chrome on that nail (without needing to soak off) and I achieved the same super shiny effect so the additional shine must have been down to application rather than topcoat.

      Tiara did turn slightly golden by the final day, probably due to the topcoat.


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