Monday, 1 May 2017

Sometimes You Just Wanna Wear Coral...

Hi NaiLovelies!

After the past few weeks of pastels and nail art I felt the urge to wear something plain and simple.

In my current reliance on easy to remove brands I picked out one of favorite brands, Ink by Glam & Glits.  This is not a brand that I wear often because I only have about 20 polishes but it is one of my big loves in gel polish.  The colours are so vibrant and soak off super easily just like IBD and they wear very well which is a major plus point even though I only plan to wear this this mani for a few days over the bank holiday weekend.

I applied two coats of Juicy Melons over my recently shortened nails.  I could have done with applying a third coat but to be fair it doesn't look too bad with just the two and less coats mean an even faster soak off.

This weekend I have been bleating on about the importance of following a sound aftercare regimen.  I am often receiving comments about the good condition and length of my nails.  I believe that wearing back to back gel manicures for over 4 years have done my nails a lot of good in terms of achieving growth and I am able to maintain the length by using a good quality cuticle/nail oil several times a day.  

In addition to this, I do not use my nails as tools.  Also, I have never been one to peel off my gel polish manicures.  Peeling off gel is proven to wreak havoc on natural nails, removing layers of the nail plate along with the gel polish that is peeled off.  

The result for me is strong and healthy nails.  

I can't stress enough the importance of using a good nail oil underneath gel polish or on bare nails.  My favorite nail oils are Dadi Oil, OPI Avoplex, CND Rescue RXX and Lush Lemony Flutter.

Ciao 4 Now


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