Saturday, 6 May 2017

OPI GelColor Fearlessly Alice....Chromed!

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have a real soft spot for blue polish, the brighter the better.  I have previously worn OPI Fearlessly Alice in regular polish but this zingy electric blue was calling my name - LOUDLY!!

Check out this little stunner!

For this manicure I used two deliciously creamy coats of OPI GelColor Fearlessly Alice.  Fearlessly Alice is a beautiful vibrant cerulean blue and I absolutely love the colour.....but I wanted a little something extra!  I needed some chrome in my nail-life.  

After a fair few trials the decision was finally made - this mani called for the gorgeous Magpie Vera Dust which I chromed into the dry wiped colour coats.  I didn't fancy soaking off three coats of topcoat. I am really pleased with the way it turned out, the pink iridescent sheen is super pretty.

To finish the mani I created the flower feature nail using UberChic 4-01 plate.  

I stamped in white over OPI GelColor Oh My Majesty! which like the other nails, was also chromed with Magpie Vera.  I then used yellow, orange, pink and purple sharpie pens to fill in the flower.  I then diluted the sharpies with IPA to soften the colours. 

Finally, I stamped over the previously stamped image but this time I used black to create a bold outline over the sharpie colours.

 I love the end result, the addition of Magpie Vera really adds something special to this manicure, especially in the sunlight!! 

I created a similar manicure for a client almost a year ago and this has certainly been a manicure I have wanted to revisit for my own nails.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Gorgeous with the Magpie Vera on top! Question:
    Whenever I try to apply my gel topcoat over stamping, I find there are spots here and there where the topcoat won't adhere, and not necessarily on the stamped image itself. Then I noticed when using someone's technique of removing excess chrome powder with a stamper, it left a TON of little spots like that, no matter how many times I brushed over them with the topcoat, like maybe the stamper head is causing it! Any idea why this happens?

    1. Hi 😊

      I really like how the pink shimmers over the blue. It looks super special in sunlight.

      When I topcoat over stamping I find that the thinner viscosity topcoat can start pitting like that over the stamped image. Gel Bottle topcoat does that over stamping and if you double topcoat with it.

      I think it's a reaction to the ingredients in the stamping polish, MDU stamping polishes are oily and tend to cause pitting. Also, the slickness of the stamping surface makes it hard for the topcoat to adhere. The same applies to chrome finishes.

      If I see this happening on the nails I will apply the topcoat to one or two nails at a time and quickly pop my hand in the lamp to flash cure for 5 secs. That holds the topcoat in place so I can topcoat the rest of the nails. I always check for pitting before the hand goes.i. the lamp. I also topcoat stamped nails twice.

      For this mani I topcoated the ring finger last so it wasn't sitting there potentially pitting whilst I topcoated the other three nails.

      I hope that helped.


    2. Thank you, I will try that!


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