Monday, 29 May 2017

Chameleon Chrome

Hi NaiLovelies!

I've been super busy again but luckily I have still found time to make sure I do my own nails, even if I am about two or three manicures behind now on my blog!

This gorgeous chrome creation was a little something I threw together about a month ago and looking at it again now makes me want to have it right back on my nails....

I created this manicure by applying two coats of IBD Catwalk Alley, I would have used black but I don't own IBD Black Lava so I used Catwalk Alley instead as it is super pigmented, dark and a little warmer than a straight black.

After applying topcoat I removed the tacky layer by dry wiping with a lint free pad.  Next, I rubbed in Born Pretty Chameleon Chrome pigment to the top half of the nail (red to gold multi-chrome shift) and then applied a different coloured pigment (blue to purple multi-chrome shift) to the second half (mid to lower section) and blended the two pigments together along the line of demarcation.

After applying the pigment I reached for my trusty DP10 Dixie Plate which has been like my best friend for the past few months.  I use it so much for my clients manicures.  I can't wait for my DP11 and Summer Plates to arrive next week.  Whoop whoop!!!

I absolutely loved creating and wearing this manicure, it was so much fun and looked stunning in person.

Ciao 4 Now

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