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OPI Gelcolor Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

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Oh my goodness, I have a right scorcher of a swatch for you today. This beauty is OPI Gelcolor Deutsch You Want Me Baby?   Deutsch You Want Me Baby? is from OPI's Germany Collection released in winter 2012.  I’m not going to lie, this is right up there in my top 10 of gel polish colours. I absolutely love this colour. I just can’t stop looking at my nails! 

 It is stunning and is the first soak off gel colour that I have worn more than once! I love this colour so much I and I also have it in regular polish which I purchased for a steal at Sallys for just under £6!

Deutsch You Want Me Baby? is a deep rusty orange base with strong red undertones and firey orange micro shimmer which totally sets it alight. The combination of the base colour and the heavy glitter make this another tricky trickster to photograph because one minute it looks dark almost red and the next it is lighter glowing orange wonderful fabulousness.

 Now I want to get it out there in the open that I am not usually an orange nail polish wearing kinda gal. In the past, the most orange I would get would be coral and even then I tended to opt for the more pink toned corals. Well this colour totally changed how I feel about wearing orange as it is super classy and so incredibly sexy! The only thing that makes this particular outing better than the last two is that I think it looks even better with my new nail shape.

 The regular polish version of this polish has a beautiful metallic finish with more gold toned shimmer. I have never seen a soak off gel polish with a metallic finish so I believe this is why the Gelcolor version is super shimmery.

 I have provided some side by side comparison shots of the Gelcolor and lacquer formula of Deutsch You Want Me Bab? so you can see the similarities as well as the difference in finish.  In low light conditions both formulas look amazing but the RNP version is truly stop you in your tracks stunning!

I love both and definitely pleased to have them in my stash.  To me the finish of the regular polish is more complex and more stunning, it has a 'lit from within' look to it which looks like the glowing embers of a fire.

Index finger and ring finger have the regular polish formula on them.  The middle finger and pinky have Gelcolor formula of DYWMB?

The pictures for comparison between Gelcolor and RNP were taken during the daytime so there is more light being thrown onto the nails which makes the colour lighter.

You can see from these photos that the shimmer of the regular polish version looks more golden and more reflective than the Gelcolor version.

Click this image to see an extra large version of this image.

The formula of Gelcolor DYWMB is a toughie.  Whilst it is very pigmented and shimmery which assists in great coverage easily being achieved, it is unfortunately a bit of a shrinker. Luckily, it is not a crazy shrinker but it is one that slowly creeps away from the cuticle, sidewall and free edge. It is a slow shrinker so this can be easily rectified by going over the all the nails with the brush before immediately curing. It is more of a problem on the first coat which it is important when it comes to capping the edges and getting a neat finish along the cuticle and side walls. Thankfully, by the second and third coats it’s not so much of a problem and therefore doesn’t affect the neatness of the mani.  Besides, to me a quick brush over or flash curing is more than worth it for a colour like this!

 Deutsch You Want Me Baby? - OPI Gelcolor
Deutsch You Want Me Baby? - Regular Nail Lacquer

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