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ILNP Fall 2015 Collection

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have some seriously stunning polishes to show you today from the fantastic indie brand I Love Nail Polish!

This post is directly as a result of a very heart warming conversation which took place on a Facebook group called ILNP Lovers Anonymous which is a place where lovers of this indie brand of polishes hang out and share their swatches and news of ILNP releases and other nail polish related chit chat.  One very lovely lady raised the topic of polishes being swatched on a more diverse range of skintones. I participated in that conversation as it is a topic close to my heart, and I was completely stunned when the lovely Barbra of ILNP reached out to me to ask if I would like to swatch her new ILNP Fall 2015 Collection....

Errrmmm...., too bloody right I did!  I literally jumped at the chance to showcase her beautiful creations right here on my blog and I was totally surprised to receive the entire Fall 2015 Collection, which consists of a whopping 17 polishes in beautiful autumnal shades.

All of my swatches of this collection are of three coats, my basecoat is by Morgan Taylor and the topcoat is by HK Girl, unless otherwise stated.

As this is collection is pretty big, I decided to split the collection into two parts, the second of which will be posted next weekend.  So, lets get started with part one of the ILNP Fall 2015 collection.

(Don't forget to click on the photos in this post to see them in a larger resolution where you can see the true beauty of these polishes.  As always, my photos have not been Photoshopped.)


"An incredibly stunning Ultra Chrome that will have everyone grabbing at your hands.  Greatness travels through rich and intense hues of wine red, orange, copper, and gold. About as regal as you can get, Greatness will definitely have you feeling like royalty!

Greatness is exactly that 'great'!  I love that this Ultra Chrome polish doesn't have even the tiniest hint of green in it.  The incredible richness from it's majestic jewel tones are stunning and extremely complimentary to my skintone.  I can see Greatness making many more appearances in my nail future and I can't wait to stamp this beauty over a black gel polish manicure!


Glory is a fabulous Ultra Chrome Flakie. I love that the tones in this polish compliment 'Greatness' even though they are not identical.  The shift in Glory is incredibly strong and effortlessly travels between glorious autumnal shades from red, to copper and gold!

ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies can reach opacity in 3+ coats but I wanted to see what this beauty would look like when sponged onto the nail compared to painted on using the applicator brush.  I have sponged the polish onto my pinky and ring fingers and boy is it a strong effect!  Looking at both effects together I prefer it brushed on but I like the versatility the sponging option gives to the polish.

Spiced Eggnog

Spiced Eggnog is one of those strange but beautiful shades and when the light hits it the holographic micro glitter is lit up and to be honest, I really didn't want to take this off!   I wore Spiced Eggnog for a day whilst taking a break from swatching this collection and everytime I caught glimpes of the golden shimmer and the scattered holo glistening away I couldn't help but love this even more.  

In addition to the holo micro glitter this polish contains both gold and burnt orange flakes and I think they look fab with my skintone.


Clockwork is the second polish from the collection which I wore for a couple of days this week.  A beautiful nude metallic with super reflective silver and copper shimmer and a delicate holographic sheen.  Clockwork reminds me of Color Club Cherubic but on steroids!  If you love the aforementioned Color Club polish you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!

The formula was quite thick so I only needed two coats for opacity - nice one!  Not only was Clockwork a dream to apply but removal was also pretty effortless.

Cameo (H)

Cameo (H) has a muted grey jelly base which contains an intensely saturated shimmery purple pigment which builds perfectly.  I only used three coats but one coat could easily be used over a darker coloured base (or a black base) to achieve a similar look.

I am really impressed by the addition of holographic particles in this polish they are small enough to not impact on removal yet large enough to lend that special added extra to the incredibly shifty wonderfulness of Cameo without detracting from it.  Cameo (H) shifts effortlessly from magenta, copper, gold and green and it really is a beautiful polish.  I actually wore this polish for a few days before I began swatching the collection and during that time I couldn't stop looking at it.

An ILNP Ultra Chrome with a sprinkling of holo is pretty much the perfect combination in my opinion!

Pretty Little Liar

Wowzers!  Pretty Little Liar is delicious super saturated a seriously sexy vampy purple jelly base with scattered holographic micro glitter.  I'm a complete sucker for finishes like this and this type of colour too!! It applied like a dream, removed perfectly and really didn't need any topcoat but I applied a thin coat anyway but it wasn't necessary - Pretty Little Liar is incredibly shiny and at the risk of repeating myself - is yet another favorite in this collection.

Maiden Lane

As soon as I applied this polish my first words were "Ooooh, this polish is sooo me!'  I love stormy blue toned polishes like this and with its 'Ultra Holo' finish and stone washed denim blue undertones this polish stole my heart.  The holo shimmer in Maiden Lane is insane!

Maiden Lane applied effortlessly and removed easily, I used my nail brush to remove any residual holo glitter left on my skin.  Perfect!

Mountain View

Mountain view is a gorgeous vampy teal shade and has the same intense jelly base and holographic micro glitter as Pretty Little Liar however in addition to the holo glitter, Mountain View contains gold and bronze toned flakies which add more depth and interest to the polish.  Another favorite of mine as I am a sucker for teal - I think I've been saying that a lot with this collection....and there are another 9 polishes left for me to swatch!

What a stunning collection of polishes.  The formula of all of these is outstanding.  It was a pleasure to apply each and every one of them.  I love the brush, having large nail beds I prefer to apply polishes with a flatter wider brush so I am suitably impressed by the brushes in the ILNP bottles.  In addition, ILNP are beautifully packaged and just ooze quality, even my polish bored other half mentioned how nice the packaging was when I opened the package I received from Barbra.

I will show you the other 9 polishes in this collection next week - my nails and cuticles need to have a break from all of that polish remover.  

So far my absolute favourites from this collection are....all of them, I honestly cannot just pick just they are all brilliant!

The ILNP Fall 2015 Collection can be purchased at where you can purchase just your favorites or the entire collection!

 I am incredibly grateful to Barbra for giving me the opportunity to swatch this collection.  Barbra, you are an incredible lady and your polishes, brand and open mind are beautiful in equal measure.  Thank you!

Ciao 4 Now

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  1. Wow....amazing post Tracey! What an honour to swatch for ILNP! I have just tried my first ILNP! this weekend and I love it. Your swatches are stunning x

    1. Thank you Bethany!!!! I know right, I am stunned and incredibly flattered to be asked.

      Thanks as always for your lovely comments. x

  2. Beautiful! I love flakies sponged on. It's a little extra effort and cleanup but the effect is amazing.

    1. I agree, it was totally worth sponging on the flakies. The next flakie will be sponged over black - AWESOME!

  3. Just gorgeous! I also received the collection to blog and can't seem to stop wearing one for a few days, greatly slowing down my turn around time. I've followed you for a while on instagram and your nail beds are something to be admired (sounds creepy but it's just me being all jealous over here) Great review! I look forward to your next!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I had the same problem and compounded by the fact that I wear gel polish most weeks.

      Thank you so much for following my Instagram, it doesn't sound creepy at all - my nails beds are just ridiculous! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Beautiful! I love flakies sponged on.

    1. Thank you so much! It is great that the flakies are so versatile - sponging makes them look so different!


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