Friday, 14 February 2014

Blackout by TreasuresByTan

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have another fabulous indie polish to show you today. This holo stunner is Blackout from TreasuresByTan and boy is this a little treasure – it actually lay buried amongst my ever growing stash of un-trieds for over two months!!

 The linear holo payoff in this polish is remarkable! I can see every colour of the rainbow with ease and it’s definitely a strong contender for the ‘OMG, I just can’t stop looking at my gaadamn nails!!!’ polish collection.

In all honesty when I purchased Blackout back in November of last year, I was really looking for a true black holo. When I say black I mean super jet black with an awesome linear holo. I at the time I didn’t realise that was kinda like the holy grail of holo polishes!

When Blackout arrived I instantly loved it because of the strong holo effect, but in my opinion, Blackout certainly leans more towards charcoal/gunmetal grey – this is probably because of the jelly base and the spectra-flair which is responsible for all of the holo goodness inside the bottle making the base somewhat lighter. Luckily, being a jelly actually works in its favor as this opens up the possibility of layering the polish over black (or other dark colours) as undies which deepens the colour and allows the holo to shine through spectacularly! I think I have found my indie niche in jelly holos as they sit very well with my taste in polish.

The formula of Blackout was a total DREAM to work with. It applied smoothly and effortlessly and was not in the slightest bit streaky. The holo pay off at one coat was impressive and just got more and more intense as I added each additional coat. The polish dried in record time, but not too quickly; which was great as this allowed me ample time to go over an area if needs be, without wrecking the polish I had already applied by causing bald spots, dragging or clumping. It is an extremely forgiving polish indeed.  There is no visible nail line at three coats.

The brush is the regular small brush which seems to be the standard size for most of the indie brands I have tried, not my favourite brush size but it worked well with this polish and I did virtually no clean up (although I do try to apply my polish neatly to prevent the need for clean up). I applied 3 easy coats and followed up with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat.

Soak Off Gel Base –  1 x Gelish Vitagel Recovery and 1 x Gelish Structure
Blackout – TreasuresByTan
Topcoat – Seche Vite

I purchased Blackout from TreasuresByTan’s Etsy store and it is currently in stock.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I anticipate you wearing a coat or two of this over your favourite black SOG very soon. Will we see some stamping on this manicure this week?

    1. Hahaa! You know me TOO WELL! I was planning to stamp it tonight but I will do it tomorrow, most likely with my new Pueen plates :)

      I will definitely also layer this over black SOG in the future. It's a truly stunning holo polish!

      Thanks for commenting

  2. This looks amazing! A bit futuristic, it almost doesn't look real! Gorgeous!! x


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