Sunday, 30 March 2014

OPI Gelcolor Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm back with a post to show you another swatch from the OPI Brazil 2014 collection.  This time I am wearing Kiss Me I'm Brazilian, a super girly super bright pink!!!

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian is a beautiful bubble gum pink creme polish which is vivid but not quite in the neon spectrum.  It certainly got a lot of attention from the girls at work!  I love a good shocking pink so this polish really does it for me colour wise and I although the colour is loud, it is remarkably easy to wear and I think it will suit all skintones. 

The formula of Kiss Me I'm Brazilian was quite thick which I like but I also found it tricky for me to apply.  I found that it shrank a little bit from both the tips and the cuticle line and I did have to flash cure on the first coat.  It took three coats in total to cover the  streaks I encountered during application.  I had warmed and shaken the bottle of polish in my Robart paint shaker for a good three minutes but I think it could have used a further minute, maybe two.  I think my issue with the shrinkage could be down to my nail bed size so I will try this colour out on my mum or sister to see whether I have the same shrinkage issues as their nail beds are smaller than mine.

Despite the minor shrinkage, I think this polish is gorgeous and it is right up there amongst my favorite pinks.

The beauty of gel is that I can have this beautiful colour on my nails for a couple of weeks chip free!

I think this bottle is one of the bottles of the OPI Gelcolor Brazil brights which was recalled shortly after release.  I decided not to return my polishes from the brights selection as I was happy with the colours and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of returning them to the US.  I did notice that there were a few flecks of bright pink/red pigment in this bottle which would stick to the nail during application.  Luckily they were easy to remove using an orange wood stick.

After a couple of days I decided to jazz up the manicure for the weekend by adding some Swarowski crystals and gold studs along with a little stamping using my new Dashica Infinity plates which are great!!!

You may have noticed a little change in my photos.  I have just started using a light tent which I purchased with my own money from eBay seller Universalzone.   The tent comes with four different coloured backdrops and also an integrated carry case.  It also has two lights and a tripod which is just sturdy enough to hold my dust covered Canon 700D DSLR camera which I will now be using for my blog pictures.


The light tent arrived this week and I absolutely LOVE IT!  However, I found that the light tent diffused the light a little too much for my liking so I have used it slightly differently than it is intended by positioning it upside down so I still get  to see the high shine glossiness of  gel polish in my photos.

In other news; keep your eyes locked onto my blog, Facebook and Instagram pages as I will be announcing the start of my fantastic giveaway which will be open to both UK and US subscribers.  Don't miss out because the prizes are gonna be fantastic for both gel polish and indie nail polish lovers!!!

Ciao 4 Now

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