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IBD Destination Colour Collection

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have a gorgeous collection of fantastic summer shades to show you from IBD.  This is the new Destination Colour Collection which were kindly sent to me.

I can't wait to show you my swatches of the 8 shades which form this years summer collection.
Singapore Your Heart Out

Singapore Your Heart Out is one of my favorites from the collection.  It is an orange toned yellow which a fantastic creamy formula, something notoriously hard to find - an easy to apply non patchy yellow.

Singapore Your Heart Out is a tad more orange than my picture shows.  It is very similar to the yellow in the well known Mastercard logo.

My swatch shows 3 coats which covered perfectly.  None of my clients have been brave enough to try Singapore Your Heart Out yet but it is firmly on my radar for an upcoming mani for myself.  It is gorgeous.

EDITED:  A week after posting my client selected Singapore Your Heart Out.  Such a fabulous colour

Melbourne To Travel

Melbourne To Travel is a gorgeous neon peach shade.  It really is beautiful and has been popular with clients who have either chosen it immediately or have bagsied it for their upcoming summer holidays.

My swatch shows 4 coats.  I find the formula quite tricky and it does take some work to get it opaque  (my swatch could have done with at least another coat) but once you get there it is totally worth it.  I ended up wearing this swatch for almost two weeks I loved it that much!

Melbourne To Travel & Dublin or Nothing

Berlin & Out

What an absolute STUNNER of a polish.  Berlin & Out is a gorgeously bright neon red which leans slightly on the coral side of red.  It is b-r-i-g-h-t and has been so popular with my ladies!!!!  

My swatch shows 2 coats of Berlin & Out.  The formula is excellent and is a dream to apply.

Berlin & Out with Gala-vant

Hong Kong Highlife

Hong Kong Highlife is another stand out polish from this collection.  It such a beautiful shade of neon purple which really stands out from the crowd and is perfect if you want to make a statement with your manicure but still want to keep the colour within the more traditional shades.

My swatch shows 4 coats.  Hong Kong Highlife has an easy to control formula but does take quite a few coats to reach opacity especially if you have a very visible nail line.  

The crelly (cream and jelly) formula makes Hong Kong Highlife incredibly shiny and I found myself staring at this polish constantly when I wore my swatch for a week.... I couldn't bring myself to take this beauty off.

Hong Kong Highlife

London Layover

London Layover is a pretty lilac which is way more pigmented than the other lilac toned gel polishes in my collection which makes it very unique.  The subtle blue shimmer running through it adds a bit of depth to London Layover and I also think it helps with making the formula easy to apply.

My swatch shows 3 coats but London Layover is great at 2 coats but perfect for me at 3. 

London Layover and Con-fushion

Just LA-nding

Just LA-nding is a periwinkle blue again with a lovely subtle shimmer running through it, this time the shimmer is pink and it is so pretty.

My swatch shows 3 coats but again, like London Layover it is great at 2 but perfect for me at 3.

Just LA-nding

Dublin or Nothing

Dublin or Nothing is a really fresh minty blue green with a super shiny crelly finish.

My swatch shows 4 coats.  I found this crelly formula a little patchy on my nails but it is very easy to apply.  I found an opaque finish was easier to achieve on my clients who have brighter nail beds and shorter nails.

Dublin or Nothing & Carte Blanche

Buenos Dias Barcelona

Last but not least we have Buenos Dias Barcelona, a sheer off white crelly.  Buenos Dias Barcelona is the sheerest polish in the collection and I struggled to cover my nail line so I stopped at 4 coats.

I think this polish would be perfect as a base underneath Ivory Tower or underneath nail art such as stamping or glitter.  It would make a fantastic canvass for a Christmas themed pond manicure.

My swatch shows 4 coats.

EDITED:  I can confirm that Ivory Tower works perfectly over Buenos Dias Barcelona!

I am very happy with the Destination Collection and I am so pleased that Graftons sent me this collection to try.

 All of the colours are unique within my collection of IBD gel polishes and the fact that they also come in Advanced Wear lacquer makes them perfect for those who prefer not to wear gel polish on their toes or if clients wish to wear a regular polish manicure but not miss out on these fantastic colours.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. I love being able to see both your shots and client manis where you used these products! This is genius.

  2. great job showcasing the color collection and the various looks on clients hands. Gives thought to the color of the polish and the possibilities with art work....very, nice. Thanks


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