Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Offbeat by Mentality Nail Polish

Hi NaiLovelies!

It feels like it’s been quite a while since I last posted a swatch of a regular nail polish and even longer since I posted a mani of an indie brand.  So, without further ado I have a swatch of some holo goodness by Mentality Nail Polish, Offbeat.  It’s a beauty!

Offbeat is from the Mentality Dark Variant Holo collection.  It is blackened teal however, on me it leans straight up blue, and a really gorgeous shade of blue at that.

On my nails there is a real stormy quality to the colour of this polish which makes it a very easy blue/teal for me to wear.  So, teal-ish blue or blue-ish teal, I don’t mind whichever it is as I have nuff love for it nonetheless.

The application of this polish is like the other Mentality polishes I own – hassle free.  It is uber-creamy and is very pigmented.  In fact, I think this could be a one-coater, but my preference is to apply two coats to ensure full coverage.

I find that I have to work quickly with this and the mattes as they dry quickly.  I have to remember not to overwork the polish (it’s not gel polish Tracey!) in order to prevent dragging.  The brush is a delight to work with.  For me these brushes make the whole experience even better – I could go on and on about how much I love the brushes but I don’t want the polish to start getting all jealous so I’ll just leave it at – yeah, the  brush is nice!!

The polish dries quickly and has a satiny, low gloss finish which is transformed to shiny wonderfulness with a single coat of topcoat.

My bottle of Mentality Offbeat is from my first ever order purchased last year. Along with this one, I picked up Kablooey, Distinct, Resilience, Tempest, Monsoon and my beloved Gumdrop from the Candy Holos collection.  I still have a few untrieds in my collection (despite using some for a spot of stamping) so I will be back with swatches of those soon - along with the 7 new ones I purchased recently from Sally Magpies adding 5 more of the Candy Jelly Holos to my collection, and a few others.... 

[Would be rude not to seeing as they have 50% discount at the moment - visit Sally Magpies Facebook page for the discount code].

The Newbies meet the Trailblazers!

I love all the indie polishes I own. So much so, I just can’t bear to swatch, remove and move on…. I need to actually wear these beauties so it takes a while to work them into my polish/gel rotation. 

However, keep your eyes on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on my new manis over the next few days as I will be swatching like a beast.  I’ll be showing you some Mentality polishes to whet your appetite for those on offer which you could get your hands on by entering my giveaway. 

The prizes are a $25 Mentality Nail Polish Gift Certificate for entrants requiring US shipping and a Sensationail Raspberry Wine Starter Kit for those requiring UK shipping.

These are great prizes and remember, you’ve gotta be in it to win it!  So, enter and share the link with your friends, family and followers!

Good luck everyone!!!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I have a few of her polishes i love how she names them last name is Fox and i grew up being called "Foxy" and she has a polish called that so i had to have it.....she has such pretty shades, i wish i could buy them all.

    1. I wish I could buy them all aswell! I love the names too, the polish and the BRUSHES. :)


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