Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Barry M 50 Years of Superdrug Birthday Pink Glitter

Hi NaiLovelies!

  I picked up this fantastic Barry M Nail Paint yesterday and just had to take a few pictures to show you how fab this polish is.  It's a limited edition release which is exclusive to Superdrug in celebration of their 50 years on the high street.

 Happy 50th Birthday Superdrug!!  
I think you should make up many more milestone celebrations so we can get our hands on more polishes like this!   


  After seeing a number of beautiful manicures created by some of my favourite UK bloggers, I just knew I had to add this polish to my collection (if I was lucky enough to get to Superdrug before they sold out!!!). 
 With a price tag of only £2.99 and available on the UK high street made this an absolute must have for me.

 The base of Happy 50th Birthday is a shiny hot pink jelly with cerise toned fine metallic shimmer running through it with flashes of purple.  The shimmer kinda floats on top of the polish creating a super shiny an luxurious look to the polish.  This is then taken to another level by the addition of both medium sized metallic lavender and metallic hot pink hexes in addition to medium and smaller sized matte white hexes and a happy smattering of micro hexes in the same hues thrown in for good measure.  All of this adds a beautiful depth!!


  The formula of this polish is brilliant – I am so impressed!  I was almost able to apply this using just one coat but I added an extra coat just to even out the finish and ensure full coverage.  Personally, I tend to have a hard time applying polish with smaller brushes and this was no different.  However, I found it very forgiving during application and I was able to go over sections if necessary without impairing the finish of my manicure.

The glitter in this polish does not require any special placement and just brushes on without a fuss.    I applied two super easy coats over one generous coat of OPI Glitter Off, which I have used for the first time and used it over my Gelish Vitagel base.  I then topped the polish with two coats of HK Girl fast drying topcoat.  I noticed that even before applying the topcoat, Barry M Superdrug 50th Birthday Pink Glitter had dried very quickly on its own which is always a bonus (especially when you’re about to start cooking dinner)!

 The complexity of this glitter polish reminds me of an indie polish and in particular a favourite in my collection Dog Day Dream by HarePolish.  This is due to the jelly finish which also boasts a super stunning metallic like quality to it.  


This is exactly the kind of pink polish that I love!

If you're a sucker for pink and glitter, my suggestion is you hot foot it down to your local Superdrug and pick up a bottle or two – you’ll be glad you did as soon as you pop two coats of this beauty on your nails.   Remember this is a limited edition polish so don’t leave it too long if you’re thinking about buying this

 Superdrug 50th Birthday Pink Glitter – Barry M
Glisten & Glow HK Girl - Topcoat 
Glitter Off - OPI
Vitagel Recovery – Gelish Soak Off Gel Basecoat

 Ciao 4 Now


  1. OK divinely going to look for this in Clapham Junction tomorrow. This could be my mani

  2. Oops hit publish too soon. This could be my mani this tinge tomorrow!

  3. D'oh. Divinely = definitely. Tinge = time. Should I even have started this?!

    1. Deirdre this is going to become one of my most commented on posts - BRILLIANT!!

      You should most definitely get this if you see it in the shops. I am actually considering getting a back up because it is such a fab polish :)

    2. Ha! Yes I got the precious in Clapham Junction yesterday, and put it on my boyfriend's toes ;) shall be trying it on myself this weekend.


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