Monday, 21 April 2014

Fascinio Violeta by Jade

Hi NaiLovelies!

So, right about now I am in holo heaven and I'm in deep!!!

The weather has brightened up a bit in good ol' Blighty, so let my first summer of holo madness commence.  Today I have a swatch of Fascinio Violeta by Jade from the Holografico collection.  It really is a BEAUTIFUL polish!!!!

Fascinio Violeta is a lavender shade with a very strong linear holographic glow, both in the bottle and on the nail.  This polish in the sun and under bright artificial light is really stunning.  All of my pictures where taken under artificial lighting conditions today.

The formula of this polish is a jelly and is pretty sheer on the first coat but at one coat the holographic payoff is already very strong.  I applied two easy coats to reach fully opacity and didn't use topcoat for this mani.  I can only see VNL when my nails are backlit which is fine by me.

This polish is exceptionally easy to work with and was helped by the 'surprisingly' great brush!  I did no clean up on this mani.

When I first saw the brush I thought it was too bushy and fanned out in a weird way when on the nail, I have never used a brush quite like it, as it is thicker than the skinnier versions of similar brushes.  However, this bushy brush is a marvel and was easily able to cling onto polish, transferring it with ease from bottle to nail like a nail polish applying magician! 

Fascinio Violeta dries relatively fast but still allowed me ample time to dip and re-dip the brush when painting larger nails such as my thumbs.  I found it a pleasurable experience using my first Jade polish, I'm glad I have another one on its way to me right now.

 Even without topcoat it is super shiny!

I used Fascinio Violetta for the purple part of the leadlight / glazing swatch below.  As you can see, it worked really well and I did not have to dilute the polish with topcoat first as it is pretty sheer at just one coat.

 There is just over 1 hour remaining on my blog giveaway.

The winners will be drawn tomorrow, (22nd April 2014) which will result in one lucky winner from the UK and one equally lucky winner from the US snapping up the awesome prizes.

Good luck to everyone who has entered!!!

It has been alot of fun and I will be sure to do another in the future.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. I don't like lavender personally but this colour is amazing on you and you did a great job capturing the awesome holo! <3

    1. Thanks so much!

      I was thinking I should have taken some shots of this outside to show the full holo beauty of this polish. Luckily the light tent you showed on your blog worked out well!!


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