Saturday, 28 June 2014

Negative Space Lace Decals

Hi NaiLovelies!

After wearing the Ahead of the Game manicure for a couple of days, I decided to try my hand at a spot of negative space stamping....for the first time.

I used MoYou Bridal XL 07 plate for the stamping and decals and the same image for stamping the little fingernail.  Unfortunately, I ran into a small issue as the image used is a little bit too small for my ring fingernail.  

I had to stretch the image before stamping it onto the decal tabs, which was another first for me. To stretch the design I picked up the image onto the stamper as normal but before transferring it to the decal, I removed the silicon stamper heard from the holder and stretched the image by lightly pressing the sides of the stamper head closer together.  This method can be used to both widen and or lengthen the required image.

This is the plate I used and the image has been highlighted above

The entire inspiration for this manicure came from the fantastic blog Nail Lacquer UK.  Thankfully, accompanying her fab blog post AJ also included a great step by step tutorial which shows very clearly how to create decal for this design.

I  really love how this turned out and I can't wait to try this design again and using a different colour for the base!

Ahead of the Game - Morgan Taylor
Black Creme - Wet 'n Wild
Bridal XL 07 Plate - MoYou
Topcoats - Ciate and HK Girl fast drying topcoats

Ciao 4 Now


  1. This looks beautiful! I must try the technique :)

  2. You should!! It will look amazing on your nails hun :)

  3. What a clever technique! Thanks for posting it Tracey.

    1. Thanks Hun!!! I can't take full credit fur the design although I do love how it turned out!!

  4. Wow was the application/formula of the yellow? All yellow polishes I have streak a little (or a lot)

    1. Hi

      The application was okay. There is a barely visible silver shimmer running through the polish which I think helped with application.

      The post prior to this one has my full review of Ahead Of The Game.


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