Monday, 24 November 2014

Mini Manicures ~ IBD Just Gel Patchwork

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have another stunning polish to show you from the Floral Metric collection by IBD Just Gel Polish.  This pretty lavendar toned grey is Patchwork!

Mid toned grey with lavendar undertones

Floral Metric


Easy, no hassle application

Two easy coats to achieve opacity

Okay, so this one is a difficult one for me....

IBD Patchwork is a nice grey and the slight lavendar tone to it gives some uniqueness but truth be told I just wasn't blown away.  I don't think this has anything to do with the colour of Patchwork - but it has more to do with my state of mind.  I wore this colour directly after wearing Retro Rosette which is super bright and it totally knocked my socks off!  Patchwork was certainly a bump back to dreary autumn reality and to make things worse I wore this on a rainy day!  The following day I covered Patchwork up with a bright blue blanket of regular polish and it didn't see the light of day again until I removed it that weekend...!

Poor unappreciated Patchwork, I promise I will give you more love next time I wear you - that's right you heard correctly.  Even though I wasn't blown away I know it was more to do with me than the polish so it gets to stay - especially because It reminds me alot of a favourite polish of mine Morgan Taylor Pretty Wild although a lot less lavendar!  See, I am a very fair polish hoarder and as such I like to give things a second chance!!

Ciao 4 Now


  1. I love this color with your skin tone. I have this color and against my white/pinkish skin it looks more purple. I prefer it against your skin!

    1. Thank you. It is a lovely grey, thanks for the reminder to wear this again. Txx

    2. Thank you. It is a lovely grey, thanks for the reminder to wear this again. Txx


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