Thursday, 12 March 2015

A2Z Series - R Is For 'Redo, Reboot, Recycle, Recreate'

Hi NaiLovelies!

Week 'R' of the A2Z Challenge brings us the opportunity to 'REDO, REBOOT, RECYCLE, RESTYLE' a previous manicure.  This was a great chance to take something I'd created before and either change it up or just do it better than I had the first time around.....Not so sure I managed to fulfill the brief all that well.

After checking through my manicures and taking into account the current length of my nails, my options were pretty limited.  Therefore, I chose to recreate my  Holographic Negative Space Manicure and my Copy Cat Manicures by doing negative space, with lace and Funky French tip to make up for the fact that the images on the Marianne plates are too small for my nails.

I stamped my nails using Marianne Nails stamping plate 78 and painted in the French tip freehand using my favorite black polish, Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress I then finished up with a luscious coat of All That Jazz Double Top Topcoat For Glitter which I previously reviewed here.

I really liked the idea of doing this manicure but to be honest, I much prefer both of the previous versions of the manicures.  Perhaps for me, it is best to leave well alone and not try to recreate something I already love.

Marianne Nails Stamping Plate No. 078
Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress
Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme
All That Jazz Double Top Topcoat

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