Thursday, 5 March 2015

A2Z Series - Q Is For 'Quirky'

Hi NaiLovelies!

This week the challenge word is QUIRKY......that's right, we've reached the letter Q already - I can't believe how quickly this challenge is going by....

Boy oh boy - this week was so hard for me to come up with something for prompt, I mean what the heck is a flippin' Quirky manicure when their at home anyway....? Trust me, this was a question I asked the other ladies taking part.  They said something 'interesting, unique, alternative'..... so this is my interpretation!

I recently chopped my hair off and am currently sporting a fab new afro do.  As a hair and nail blogger, I thought I would combine both of my hobbies and add my face and hair onto my nails - well kinda..... I can't say I have ever seen an afro haired lady on anyones nails - EVER.  I am not really the type to wear this type of nail art but I'm not gonna lie - I LOVE THIS MANI!  I am also surprised at how wearable it is and I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow.

I almost pulled out of the challenge this week because I just couldn't decide on whether the idea I had in mind was good enough.  It turns out I should have a little more faith in my nail art ability because I ended up loving this as much as the Kitchen Sink manicure - another week that I was dreading!

I was so worried about whether this would come out okay I decided to just sit down with my acrylic paints and see what happened.  I painted this over an existing gel polish and regular polish cover up manicure.  This meant that I I would be able to fix any mishaps easily but I am stunned that this worked first time - no problems encountered along the way (apart from my dark brown paint being lumpy - it had this weird souffle can see a chunk of said souffle on my cheek if you look closely :)

I decided to leave my hair and face topcoat free so the matte acrylic paint would 'pop' against the duochrome and holographic background.

Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress
Picture Polish Aurora
China Glaze Golden Enchantment
Nina Ultra Pro Gold Holographic Glitter
Acrylic paints (Brown, white, Black, Pink & red)

So, that's it for another week.  Don't forget to check out the Inlinkz for all of the other fab Quirky manicures for this week and swing by the hub to see all of the manicures we have created for this series.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. This is awesome and fun too. Love it :)

  2. Great take on quirky and I love the fro hehe

  3. Great take on quirky and I love the fro hehe

  4. Great take on quirky and I love the fro hehe

  5. I think it looks really cool :)


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