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ILNP Fall 2015 Collection - Part 2

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm back with my swatches of the second half of the gorgeous I Love Nail Polish Fall 2015 collection!  Just like the first set, I am totally blown away by these polishes and I can't wait to show them to you even if my internet connection has other ideas....

I received the entire ILNP Fall 2015 Collection from Barbra and this second part contains the remaining 9 polishes from the 17 piece ensemble.

Unless otherwise stated, all of my swatches of this collection are of three coats, my basecoat is OPI Nail Envy and the topcoat is by Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

As you know, I split the collection into two parts and the first of which can be found by clicking here.

(Don't forget to click on the photos in this post to see them in a larger resolution where you can see the true beauty of these polishes.  As always, my photos have not been Photoshopped.)

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a mind blowing mocha brown Ultra Holographic nail polish that won’t quit!  Mona Lisa is blindingly holographic masterpiece in the sun and amazingly delicious indoors. A real treasure!

This is such a beautiful colour and the muted brown tones compliment my skintone perfectly!  I think Mona Lissa would be awesome stamped with a black floral or lace pattern.

Mona Lisa applied perfectly and has an incredible holographic glow.  My camera captured some of it but believe me, this pretty Ultra Holo polish sure packs a punch!

Dream Girl

Dream Girl is a super feminine light-orchid holographic nail polish with a serious sparkle!  Stuffed with holographic magic, stepping out into the sun is sure to blow your mind! Dream Girl will definitely make you and just about anyone else that has the pleasure of looking at your wonderful nails do a double take. No joke!

Dream Girl is another Ultra Holo polish and applies the same way as Mona Lisa.  Don't let the soft girlie pink appearance of Dream Girl fool you, this polish will knock you socks off as soon as you step into the sunshine!!!

The holographic power of this polish is intense - my pictures were taken in a lightbox and although this diffuses some of the holographic fire you can still see it there shining away.  Dream Girl is awesome in direct light.

First Class

First Class is an unbelievably bright silver holographic nail polish with a rich metallic finish.  If you’re looking for a silver nail polish that demands attention, First Class is it! Step outside into the sun and you’ll feel like there are mirrors on your fingertips! Be ready to squint :)

Woah - now we're talkin'! I love love love this!  A sensual smoked out silver metallic holo with gunmetal and nude undertones - holy moly I'm all over this like a tramp on chips!

 Just like Clockwork, First Class is part of the Precious Metals range of polishes and as a result, has an in your face shine unlike anything else in my collection.  Not only does First Class shine super brightly it has the most captivating holo glow to it.  Perfection both in and out of sunlight.  I love this finish - it is right up my street (not that I am an attention seeker or anything!).

Top Down

Top Down is a super refreshing light pearl blue holographic nail polish that will leave you completely speechless.  The crisp holographic finish combined with the unique color of this polish is reminiscent of a shimmering glacier. If you’re looking for a soft blue with a fresh and clean finish that is seriously mind blowing in the sun, Top Down is a must have! 

Top Down is a pretty pale blue almost silver Ultra Holo.  Just like Dream Girl don't let its pastel appearance trick you into thinking Top Down is a little softy - you couldn't be more wrong!

Top Down will knock your socks off in the sunshine because as soon as the light hits it this polish shows you what for!  When I wore this to the shops people kept looking at this polish glowing on my nails - did I forget to say, Top Down absolutely loves artificial store lighting.

After Midnight

After Midnight is a crisp, Prussian blue holographic nail polish.  Studded with the perfect amount of metallic gold flakes and holographic pigment, After Midnight offers a truly unique finish that you’ll find yourself dreaming about!

What a gorgeous blue!  After Midnight is beautiful, I have a real thing for blue polish and this one slots very nicely into my collection.  I wore After Midnight with my dark khaki car coat and it looked amazing!

After Midnight is the blue counter-part to Mountain View, they both have those delicious golden hued flakies suspended in the jelly base.  The flakies do get a little lost in this one and I had to stir the polish a little bit to get them to mix into the base and show up on the nail although you can't see them in the photo, they are there and do add a nice touch to the polish.

Overnight Bag

Overnight Bag is a dominant espresso brown holographic polish with incredible depth.  Pay close attention while wearing this beautifully complex nail polish in different lighting conditions and you’ll catch subtle red hues hugging the curves of your nails. 

Overnight Bag is definitely my kind of polish.  I love an honest to goodness vampy shade and this beauty does not disappoint!  Overnight Bag is a rich horse chestnut brown polish which has a wonderfully rich burgundy undertone, so even though it is brown it has that vampy 'blood tone' quality that I absolutely love!

This stunning polish was a breeze to apply and only took two coats to reach opacity - with a generous free edge like mine I was pleasantly surprised and happy about that!


Diablo is a beast! This vampy oxblood leaning holographic nail polish will easily find a place in your heart after the first stroke!  The finish of Diablo is primarily an oxblood red however, depending on your lighting conditions and the number of coats used, it may appear to travel from oxblood red, to a brick red, through to a burgundy, and even plum in appearance.

Diablo like Pretty Little Liar, has an extremely pigmented jelly feel to it.  Diablo is super squishy to look at on the nail and the colour is simply to die for.  If you like vampy shades you will absolutely love Diablo.

I love the formula of these scattered holo jelly polishes as they are incredibly forgiving when it comes to my rather impatient application.  I am used to waiting 30 seconds for my gel to dry so I can easily get caught out by polishes which like to take longer than that to dry properly before moving to the next coat.

Diablo does not need topcoat, the jelly formula is more than shiny enough to skip that step if you wish, however my swatch does have topcoat for consistency and also helps to speed up the drying time for photos.  I must add, that Diablo, Pretty Little Liar and Mountain View are the fastest drying polishes from this collection.


Lulu is a delicious deep grape holographic nail polish with strong blue undertones.  The holographic particles range from extremely small to slightly over-sized for an unmatched holographic sparkle that’s absolutely stunning!

Blurple, yum yum!  Lulu is a really goregous polish grape shade and with holographic micro glitter throughout this polish sure is a beauty!  I can see Lulu being a huge favourite for many.

Lulu is super pigmented and in some lights may even be a tad darker than my swatch shows.  I am very happy to confirm that she does not stain the nails upon clean up or removal.

The Road To Awe

The Road To Awe effortlessly cascades through an array of purple, intense pink, wine, copper, and gold. Seriously perfect. 

I couldn't help but swatch this one over a dark base.  It is stunning over dark reds, gold, autumal shades of brown also white!  However, I chose to rock The Road to Awe over OPI Incognito in Sausilito - an old favourite of mine.  I love that the blue makes the purple tones in this Ultra Chrome Flakie pop!

The Road To Awe like other Ultra Chrome Flakies can be worn as a standalone polish but I chose to give this a whirl as a topper.  My swatch shows one coat on the thumb and pinky and brushed gradient on the other nails from a slight coat just tickled onto the nail below the cuticle building to three coats at the tip.

I love this!

Oh, see I couldn't resist adding one more photo of The Road To Awe simply because it is stunning and awesome, photos just don't do this polish justice.  The shift of colours is effortless from pink, purple, copper, red and gold - stunning!!

The Road To Awe brings to an end my swatches of this truly beautiful collection.  Take a look at the picture below which shows all of the awesome polishes in this collection side by side.,

Now that I have swatched this whole collection of beautiful polishes, I can say that the standout polishes for me are Clockwork and First Class.  I absolutely adore the vivid 'Precious Metals' finish of both of these - they are incredibly shiny and the two coat formula is superb.  I also adore Diablo, Mountain View, Mona Lisa, The Road To Awe and Spiced Eggnog.  

The quality of these polishes is fantastic and I am very happy that I have the whole collection, they are all  such stunning polishes.  I keep feeling like this collection was made for me as each and every one of them looked great on the nail and are totally the type of polishes I love to wear, 

The pre-order is currently closed but I am pleased to say that the ILNP Fall 2015 Collection will be available to purchase at from 2nd October '15 either as individual polishes or the entire collection as a set!

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