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Review: Madam Glam Soak Off Gel Polish

Hi NaiLovelies!

I was contacted recently by Madam Glam and given the exciting opportunity to swatch some of their gorgeous soak off gel polishes.

Madam Glam are an American based company and they offer worldwide shipping on orders placed with them.

Their website has a seriously impressive range of gel polish in every colour of the rainbow and an awesome array of finishes!  It was quite a task trying to pick a few colours from such a vast collection. 

As I already have a healthy stash of gel polishes, I chose shades which are unique and would fill gaps in my stash.  Madam Glam also sent me their Base Gel and Top Gel to try so I could experience the full system.

I am a huge lover of pink polishes and if said pink includes holographic glitter, then for me it ticks all the boxes - that said, ordering Fiesta In a Bottle was an easy choice.  Unfortunately, it was out of stock so I was sent Dangerously In Love instead.

What a stroke of luck - Dangerously In Love is so GORGEOUS!  I had tons of compliments about my nails when I was wearing this colour.  All of my clients commented on how lovely the this glittery pink looked and also wanted it on their nails - but I asked them to wait until after I'd completed the wear test and removal.

The formula of Dangerously In Love is thick but in a fabulous way.  This gel polish covered amazingly well - it is almost a one coater!  

I have been looking for a decent rich toned olive gel polish for absolutely ages and Down On Earth is the perfect shade!

The consistency of Down To Earth is much like a crelly, it is very shiny even without topcoat.  I found that out of the three polishes, Down On Earth had the thinnest formula.  It was still very easy to apply but personally I prefer the formula of the other polishes.

My swatch shows two easy super shiny coats!

Back To Cali is a delicious nude creme with lavender undertones which make it incredibly flattering for darker skintones.  Back To Cali instantly stood out to me as the perfect nude shade by Madam Glam.  I have to be pretty careful with nudes and some pastels as they can tend to look chalky and a little odd on my nails.

I have been looking for a non-fading replacement for OPI GelColor Don't Bossa Nova Me Around - it has been an often and well sung holy grail lemming for me for years now.  Back to Cali is very very similar but just a couple of shades darker which I actually think compliments my skintone better.  I love this colour and I am currently wearing it as I think it looks delicate, feminine and just perfect for springtime.

The formula is a thick creme consistency and covered in just two easy coats.

Wear Test

I wore Dangerously In Love for a total of 20 days before soaking off this awesome gel polish.  I am incredibly impressed with the condition of the polish.  The main picture below was taken at 15 days post application.  I made notes that I didn't notice any tip-wear until day 6/7 which is fantastic because I type alot and work on clients nails daily.

I did suffer a small chip on my right hand (ring finger) but this was due to my natural nail peeling under the gel and taking the small piece of gel polish with it!  Other than that, this manicure was event free and for me, Madam Glam polish wore absolutely perfectly.

The Top Gel remained incredibly shiny throughout the duration of the manicure and there were zero visible scratches.  The Base Gel was very good and I experienced zero lifting of the gel on any of my nails.


Removal of Madam Glam polish was something I was very nervous about.....   I'm nervous about every new brand I try so I always do plenty of research beforehand.  As a rule, I tend to only wear Gelish Vitagel Recovery because it removes very easily from my nails so I was apprehensive about applying the Madam Glam Base Gel to my natural nails.

I needn't have worried because removal was an absolute breeze!

1.  I used OPI Expert Touch Remover and Wraps.

2.  I did not buff the surface of the nails.

3.  I saturated the pad and applied the wrap directly to my nail.  I popped my hands into a small bag and then applied heat using my microwaveable wheat bag.  I kept the wraps on for 10 minutes.

4. I removed all of the wraps so I could take the picture below but I would normally remove them one by one so the gel polish doesn't start to reset on the nail.  That being the case I reapplied them all bar one, after taking the photo.  The gel polish had crinkled and looked like it needed soaking longer, but it didn't.

5.  I pushed the gel polish off each nail using a birchwood stick.  I then used a plastic backed lint free pad soaked in acetone and rubbed the surface of the nail to remove the residual gel polish and basecoat.

6.  Gel polish removed without causing any damage and it took about 15 minutes all in.


Perfect removal with zero damage and zero buffing required.

Madam Glam polish retail at $19.95 and can be purchased from the website which by the way, looks great and is pretty easy to navigate.

There are always plenty of special offers so there are tons of opportunities to benefit from placing an order at a fantastic discounted price, including signing up to the monthly VIP Box which is perfect if you seriously want to grow your collection!

There are a range of top coats available including a fab matte finish and no wipe topcoat and so many different colours which also come in regular polish formula - there really is something for everyone.

I'm so pleased that I have had the opportunity to try this brand as it has been on my radar for quite some time - now I am kicking myself for not trying Madam Glam soak off gel polishes sooner.  I am super impressed by the range of colours, the wear and the removal so for me it is perfect and I will be introducing this to my range of polishes offered to my clients.

Ciao 4 Now

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