Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Dark Navy & Burnt Orange

Hi NaiLovelies!

When one of my gorgeous clients booked her recent appointment the remit for her manicure was butterflies with a burnt orange and navy colour scheme.

Funnily enough, these are two colours which work very well together, especially at this time of year.  With autumn upon us it seems the darker colours are proving popular once again and pop of burnt orange certainly is in keeping with the shades of autumn/fall and works great especially when the sun is still shining.

As I often like to do prior to appointments with my clients, I prepared a selection of colour pops with complimenting nail art in cohesive tones.   My client instantly fell in love with the double stamped image which was created with IBD Dockside Diva and using a gorgeous minimalist butterfly image from MM42 plate I double stamped the image using two blue polishes, a deep dark blue and vivid metallic electric blue.

Like me, it turns out my client is a fan of having just one feature or statement nail.  As she suffered a low break a few weeks back my client has decided to embrace that nail and make it centre stage in this manicure.

To be honest as soon as I created this manicure I wanted it on my nails straight away but I had also fallen in love with the marbled nail I created over a base of IBD Carte Blanche, my go to white gel polish.

So, when I can't make up my mind I do what any nail blogger would do, I chose to wear all the designs.......all at the same time...and added glitter for extra measure!!!

I began by deciding on which colours I wanted on each nail and then added two coats of IBD Carte Blanche and two coats of Eye-Poppie, Riviera Rendevouz and Dockside Diva.  I didn't want a bright blue but I also didn't want a really dark blue.  I also wanted to add a little extra texture and dimension to the blue nails so they would fit cohesively with the rest of my rather wacky 'fling-everything-at-it' manicure.

Looking back I wish I had added dry brush strokes of the darker blue over the lighter one but I may try that with another colour combo in the future.

I added a coating of Magpie Genna over Eye Poppie and Magpie Amelia over Dockside Diva on my thumb.  I then created the marbled nail using orange and two different shades of blue Sharpie pens before finishing the manicure by double stamping the butterfly image on my ring fingers over Dockside Diva.

Dockside Diva - IBD Just Gel
The Abyss - IBD Just Gel
Riviera Rendezvous - IBD Just Gel
Carte Blanche - IBD Just Gel
Eye-Poppie - IBD Just Gel 
Genna - Magpie Glitter
Amelia - Magpie Glitter
Stamping - Messy Mansion MM42
Snake It Up - Essie (for stamping)
Celestial- Pure Ice (for stamping)

This is definitely not a 'me' manicure but I really love how it turned out and how it all works together in an unexpected way.   I will definitely dip my toes into bold manicures a little more often.

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