Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween ~ Grusome Skulls

Happy Halloween NaiLovelies!

I can't believe I created a halloween manicure, not usually my thing but this gorgeous Limited Edition DP05 plate was calling my name so I couldn't resist....

I created this mani as an entry for a competition on the Dixie Plates Facebook Group.  The remit was to double stamp a full manicure and show all 5 nails.  As soon as I checked the rules I knew that whatever I created it would include the awesome friendly looking skulls on DP05 which is one of the images which initially drew me to the plate.

I used the deliciously pigmented Nail Stamping Queen White polish to stamp the skulls.

The next part was figuring out the best way to double stamp the skulls without making it look a complete mess as I knew the red stamping polish (EDK Joana) is very pigmented and shows up well over black, this manicure was created over an existing manicure of The GelBottle Inc. 084 Stars Only Shine At Night, a delicious black cat eye effect polish.

To make the design as neat as possible I decided to use the double stamping effect created by my pal Joey, where you work quickly to double stamp the images onto one stamper and then transfer the combined wet images directly onto your nails.

When I finished the mani I couldn't decide on whether the effect was a mess or a success but I quickly fell in love with it and wore it over the whole weekend.  It looks rather in your face but in fact it looked quite subtle in real life and appeared to be like a marbled black, red and white mani which went very well with my Autumn wardrobe.

It seems this was a success as I actually went and won the competition! I am super chuffed that others liked this experimental manicure as much as I do, I'm now wishing I had been a little more thorough with the clean up.

Ciao 4 Now

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