Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Shades Of Autumn/Fall

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm on a roll - as I am back again with a brand new manicure.  As the leaves had stated falling to the ground the other week I thought it was the perfect time to create an autumn manicure.

I wasn't sure what colours I wanted to add to this manicure but I knew that I wanted to wear all IBD colours purely for the ease of soak off and I knew that I wanted to incorporate some untrieds and Fall Forward as it is the perfect autumnal shade.

I used the 'pick four colours and put one back approach' so my eyes and hands went straight for Fall Forward, Go Go Above And Beyond, Eye Poppie and Jade Dynasty.  I then grabbed a glitter which I thought would go with the above and decided that Eye Poppie although stunning, was the colour that wasn't going to make it into this particular manicure.

I didn't have a particular plan in mind for the mani and started by applying Fall Forward to my thumb and index finger and flash cured to set the colour before moving onto my ring finger to which I applied Jade Dynasty.  I then applied Go Go Above And Beyond to my middle and pinkie.  I applied three coats of all colours and on two of the nails with Fall Forward I created a burnished glitter gradient using Magpie Glitter Coco.  

I finished with IBD topcoat which is beautifully shiny and easy to apply.  After applying the gel polish topcoat I applied a coat of regular polish basecoat and created a gradient stamped effect with MDU Copper and Essie Penny Talk using Pueen Nature Lover stamping plate.  I then used various stamping polishes to stamp multiple leaves in warm autumnal shades using MoYou Mother Nature 02 plate.

Once again both hands are slightly different from each other.  I am a weirdo but I like doing them a little different as I think it reflects the rebel and unpredictable side of my personality.

As it happens the sun is shining as I write this blog post and I've not seen a fallen leaf pretty much since I created this mani.   I'm not gonna lie, I do feel a tad out of season but I still love this manicure.  The colours I've used are so warm and rich, I may just change the stamping as I have as usual done this manicure using the 'temporary' stamping technique #soakofgelmanicurecoverup and covered with regular polish topcoat *pats self on back for being so clever!*.

By the way, when describing this mani to my sister I actually caught myself calling autumn fall!  I think that is a sign that I spend far too much time on social media.

Ciao 4 Now

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