Friday, 2 June 2017

Pretty Pastels

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm back again to show you another recent manicure.  It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so I fancied something feminine to wear to see me ring in another year.

I am a lover of pink and a huge lover of skittlette manicures so I figured I would combine the two as I knew this mani was going to be on my nails for a while I figured it should be something I wouldn't grow tired of after ermmm a mere 30 minutes!

I created this manicure by applying three coats of IBD Ooh La Lace and two coats of Ivory Tower which I applied over a single coat of IBD Carte Blanche to make Ivory Tower more opaque,  I also applied IBD Calm Oasis using four thin coats, I can't remember it taking four coats when I swatched it but this time around it took that number of coats in order to get the finish I wanted.

To tie the manicure together I stamped all of the nails apart from the ring fingers using Moyra Florality 1 which is a gorgeous plate containing lots of pretty and delicate floral images which are perfect for this type of subtle and delicate manicure.

I added some bling to bring this manicure to life with the help of Magpie Millie which I dabbed over a couple of coats of IBD Ivory Tower.

I am really happy with how this manicure turned out!  It so happens it was also rather a big hit with my clients who all commented on how much they liked it and wanted it on their nails.

This set was created for my client using similar tones from GelBottle Inc and Magpie Ella for a bit of sparkle and an UberChic plate for decoration

Ciao 4 Now



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