Friday, 11 August 2017

Sparkling Rainbow ~ Magpie Summer Collection

Hi NaiLovelies!

Summer has been busy in the Simply Into My Nails Studio and the beautiful Summer Collection from Magpie Beauty have been very popular.

Obviously I couldn't get away with wearing just one of these beauties so I  applied all six shades in this gorgeous rainbow gradient over IBD Carte Blanche, a gorgeous creamy stark white gel polish.

This was the perfect way to show the amazing shimmer and shine of each of these phenomenal glitters.

I applied two coats of IBD Carte Blanche and then dabbed on these diamond glitters in the following order:

EMMA - Pastel Pink
BECKY - Pastel Orange
HANNAH - Pastel Yellow
CLAIRE - Pastel Green
SAM - Pastel Blue
LISA - Pastel Purple

I then applied a coat of topcoat and then applied a second coat of the glitters so they would pop more against my skintone.

The collage below shows some of the manicures I have created for my clients using this collection.

I absolutely love this summer collection and it is definitely a must have in my studio.

Ciao 4 Now


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