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Tempest by Mentality Nail Polish


 Hiya NaiLovelies!

OMG, vampy shades are right up there amongst my ultimate favourites when it comes to nail polish and judging by this swatch, Tempest by Mentality Nail Polish is most definitely a front runner on that score - because of the deep colour and its fantastic true matte finish! 


Tempest is from the Red Ombre Greyscale Mattes Collection and is the darkest out of the 5 red toned polishes, a blackened red base with a lively red shimmer.  I know this is probably going to sound gross but  this polish kinda looks like dried blood!  I absolutely love it!!! 

Please excuse the dents in some of my nails.  It appears that I still haven't quite gotten used to the length of time it takes for regular polish to dry before I can start messing with it!! 

So far I have been extremely lucky with the formula of the indies polishes I have chosen so far.  Tempest by Mentality Nail Polish is definitely amonst my favourites thus far.  The formula is great and for those who like to apply with thicker coats this could easily be a one coater!  The brush is very easy to use and makes applying neatly a breeze!  I applied two easy coats for this manicure.

I reapplied the polish because those self-inflicted dents were driving me nuts!

Next I decided that I wanted to see what treasures Tempest had to flaunt when made super shiny so I added a single coat of Seche Vite topcoat.  WOW!!!  This polish is even more gorgeous and manages to pull off both matte and shiny with incredible ease and beauty!

Look how shimmery this polish is when topcoated!!!

Below are a couple of pictures which show the polish in its normal matte appearance side by side with the topcoated version.  I must say that I like this polish equally in both its matte and shiny guises. 

I also thought that this dark matte base would be great for stamping something striking so I pulled out my LeaLac plates and Konad special polish in white and started stamping away with an easy pattern!  I say easy because this pattern is quite busy and doesn't really need to be lined up therefore reducing the possibility of making errors which need to be removed and restamped.  I am not used to stamping on regular polish as I prefer my comfort blanket of soak off gel when stamping.  

Anyway, it all went well and I really like the contrast of these two colours together, I think they worl together really well.

Personally I am totally bowled over by Tempest. I have nothing but good things to say about this polish.  It is a really beautiful colour and I think alot of thought has gone into how this polish looks both matte and with topcoat which in my book is a great things as it opens up a ton of opportunities when it comes to planning manicures with nail art.

Ciao 4 Now



  1. ooooo! I have this beauty in my stash and I forgot how gorgeous it is! Must pull it out for a vampy Christmas mani!

    1. It's soooooooo nice! I brought this a month ago and have been patienty waiting for my friend to send it to me so so I jumped all over this and Gumdrop to get them out of my system. I love them both. Great colours.

      Defo pull it out of your stash, vampy Christmas manis are gorgeous!

      I just went over to follow your blog but it appears I am already a follower - I thought it looked familiar. Nice Black Friday haul :)

  2. I love this one! Can you stamp with these, too?

    1. It's very pigmented so I think it will work for stamping. I'll try it out this morning and post a picture on my Facebook page. :)

  3. Holy Molllllyyy!! I thought I loved it matte, but that picture with topcoat is GORGEOUS!!!

    And the nail art? Mind blown!

    1. Lizzy, your reaction to this with topcoat is exactly like mine was! I was like, "Woaahhhhh!" this look freakin' amazing with topcoat and I loved it when it was matte.

      I have another two matte Mentality polishes and I think they do the same thing when topcoated. I'll have to wear them soon.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I added a little bit of practice Christmas stamping to this mani and posted to Facebook but I'd also like to share it here:

    CLICK HERE - Simply Into My NAILS - Mentality Tempest and Christmas Stamping


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