Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Gelish Spicy Fortune

Hi NaiLovelies!

Today I have a swatch of an oldie but goodie. This is the delicious Spicy Fortune by Gelish and is from the 2012 collection Chinese Year of the Dragon.

 Spicy Fortune is my favourite red gel polish in my collection. It is a true red and seems to suit pretty much every skin tone. With a silky crème finish it simply oozes class and sophistication and truly is the perfect red in my opinion!

As if being a cracking colour isn’t good enough, the formula of Spicy Fortune is to-die-for!!! It is amazing and effortlessly glides onto the nail and just stays exactly where you put it without having a mind of its own and deciding to take a destructive stroll around your nail plate, cuticles and anywhere else it fancies whilst trying to paint the town red….!

I tend to be very precise with my application of all my gel polishes as I don’t want to risk allergies. With highly pigmented colours such as this, I am even more careful as mistakes are not easy to rectify as it can be difficult to get the colour off your skin if you get it onto your cuticles or into the sidewalls. This is one of the areas where the impeccable formula plays to your advantage as it limits the possibility for error.  In these swatches I am wearing two easy coats.

Spicy Fortune looks great as both a manicure or a pedicure and is in fact one of the most used colours in my entire collection of 100+ soak off gel polishes. It has been used time and time again which is testament to its compatibility with a multiple skin tones.

 Vitagel Recovery - Gelish
Spicy Fortune - Gelish
Topcoat – Glam & Glits Ink

As you can see, the label on my bottle has ermmm….seen better days. I have found that this particular bottle tends to pool the polish in the lid. I have therefore had more than a few encounters with acetone and the outside of this polish which has resulted in the writing fading over time.

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  1. LOVE this color! I love red gel polishes, there's just something stunning about that shine. All of my Gelish bottles like to pool polish right around the lid as well, I wonder if it's just something about their bottle design.

    1. Red gel polishes are the best! I really don't like chipped red polish so gel gives me the confidence that my manicure is going to hold up for a while looking as shiny and sleek as the day it was applied.

      I don't really have that many full sized Gelish polishes in my collection, I mainly have OPI Gelcolor. This is the only one that pools in the lid like this. It's so weird. Doesn't take away from the fabulousness of the colour - it's lush! :)


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