Friday, 20 December 2013

'Tis The Season To Party!!!!

 Hiya NaiLovelies!!

Last night I finally got around to doing my manicure for the party season.  This post is not really a review it's more of a 'show and tell' because I used so many different products to achieve this look.

I used two coats of OPI Gelcolor Wonderous Star and it covered vey well and applied nicely.  One coat of IBD Just Gel Polish in Perfectly Paisley which applied wonderfully and two coats of An Evening To Remember by Red Carpet Manicure which added a glorious dark holographic effect to the purple Perfectly Paisley which is just visible underneath the stamping.

Here is a close up of my first ever nail art using Swarovski crystals.  I have used studs before but never this large.  I set them in soak off gel basecoat and covere the whole nail with two coats of soak off gel topcoat so they stay put!

Wonderous Star - OPI Gelcolor
Perfectly Paisley - IBD Just Gel Polish
An Evening To Remember - Red Carpet Manicure (RCM)
Gold Foil Effects polish - Barry M
Explorer 03 XL image plate - MoYou London
Gold Oval studs - eBay
Swarovski crystals

This is how the nails looked before stamping and bejewelling!

After the stamped image was applied.  Some would have stopped here but on this occasion, more was definitely more!!!!

This is the image used from this beautiful plate from MoYou London.

 These are the shoes which inspired this entire manicure.

Dune Sambala

 I am extremely pleased with how this manicure came out and it is the perfect compliment to my shoes and the rest of my outfit and definitely not too matchy-matchy!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Wonderous Star looks amazing on you!!! Love the whole mani and this blog post :)

    1. Thanks Rhonda!!! Your comment really means alot to me because I am just getting started out with this nail blogging lark. I'm trying out things and working to find a format which feels comfortable for me whilst engaging and informative for anyone who reads the blog. It is definitely a case of learning as I go along.

      I really enjoyed writing this particular post and taking the pictures for it too because I totally LOVE this manicure and new nail shape, even if I do say so myself..... :)

      Thanks for commenting!
      T xx

  2. Ohh weee girl! That accent nail is everything and THEN SOME! I love it

    1. Thank you so much! I'm pleased with how it came out and equally pleased that the gems are all still on 5 days on and counting!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Update: I've entered this manicure into MoYou's December Challenge so feel free to like and repin. Cheers T

    Please click here to Pin and Like my attempt at nail art to boost my chances in this awesome contest

    Many Thanks!


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