Saturday, 7 December 2013

Glam & Glits Ink Risque (#74)

Hello NaiLovelies!

I have a swatch of Glam & Glits Ink Risqué which must be one of the most gorgeous blue jelly soak off gel polishes I have seen!!

This is a stunning bright royal blue jelly which screams for attention! It photographs slightly brighter than it is in real life, but it is still a stop you in your tracks kind of bright blue. If you like blue soak off gel polish, then you need to have this in your collection.

  The formula of this polish is incredible. It applies to the nail perfectly without any issues of shrinkage, pooling or patchiness. Risqué is wonderfully pigmented, the first coat (if applied as thinly as it should be) is streaky but this is easily corrected with additional coats. I applied three coats, which I usually do when I use the Ink brand of soak off gel polishes.

Because this polish has a jelly finish there is definitely VNL (visible nail line). If you don’t like to see visible nail line, you can always apply a coat of a similar toned polish underneath as undies to negate the issue of VNL. Personally, I don’t mind VNL so I am happy to wear this colour without undies, although I am intrigued as to what a coat of either black (to darken) or white (to brighten) underneath Risqué would do to this stunning polish.


When I wear this colour next, I have plans to try out a jelly sandwich. A jelly sandwich is where a layer of glitter is sandwiched between layers of a polish with a jelly polish (one which has an element of transparency). I have a few options in mind so I look forward to giving it a try soon and sharing the outcome with you guys.

The following picture is the most colour accurate.

Ciao 4 Now 


  1. Jelly Sandwiches Combo would be perfect with this polish! SOOOO pretty!

    1. Lizzy, I am so excited to try a jelly sandwich with this. I don't know which glitter to use, but when I settle on one I will be giving it a whirl.

      I might get a couple more of the new Gelish glitters, they might work well with this colour :)



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