Sunday, 2 March 2014

OPI Gelcolor Next Stop The Bikini Zone

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have the first of my picks from the OPI Brazil Gelcolor collection to show you today and I think I have started out with a star of the collection. This beauty is Next Stop The Bikini Zone, OPI Gelcolor formula.


As soon as I saw press release of this polish I knew it just had to form part of my OPI Gelcolor collection, along with Where Did Suzi’s Mango and Amazon Amazoff , I later decided that I must have I Just Can't Cope-Acabana, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, Kiss Me I'm Brazilian and Live. Love. Carnaval! (swatches coming soon!).

Next Stop The Bikini Zone is a shimmery lavender shade with a duochrome shift from bright lavender to muted champagne gold shimmer. It is a breath-taking polish. The shift produces the most beautiful gradient on your nails as you move your fingers. Unfortunately, the shift is almost impossible to capture on camera – so I tried on video.

The base of this gel is a sheer grey which works perfectly with the lavender and gold shimmer. In artificial light the lavender shimmer is a vibrant lilac and very beautiful. The shift between lavender, lilac and dusty gold is visible yet subtle.

The formula of Next Stop The Bikini Zone is perfect! I actually feel that the way it applies is very similar to Wonderous Star which is also faultless. The gel flowed nicely from the brush onto the nail and stayed where I placed it whilst self-levelling to a perfect smooth and shiny finish. This was a delight to apply and I achieved full opacity in two extremely easy coats. I will be trying out layering combinations with Next Stop The Bikini Zone over dark colours as I think that will yield some exciting combinations.

As a fan of both OPI lacquer and Gelcolor I always have to decide upon which formula I will choose when new collections are released. Colours like Push & Shove and Liquid Sands make it easier for me as these are only available in regular polish but colours like this make it a tougher decision for me. Others have proved hard to choose between as there are a few where I have doubled up and purchased both the polish in both lacquer and Gelcolor formulas.  I ended up getting one regular lacquer out of the polishes I chose from this great collection.

I’m so pleased I have this polish as it is unlike anything else which I have in my collection; it is truly unique in my ever growing stash.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Can't wait for the other swatches! I agree, though, this was the polish that stood out to me most from this collection. Even then, when I saw it in stores I thought it was more like a spring-time version of Peace & Love & OPI, so I wasn't sure what to think... you make it sound pretty enticing, though!

  2. Thanks Gelli fied!!!

    I think you could say that it could be considered to be a spring version of Peace & Love & OPI but I think they are very different. When compared side by side there really isn't a similarity between the two (in Gelcolor) apart from they are both duochrome and both stunning polishes.

    I think you will love it if you get it :)

    Thanks for commenting..

  3. Thank you so much for your blog! I'm curious how do you keep your cuticles so nice? Mine tend to need lots of work

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

      This is going to sound really annoying but I don't do anything at all to them....other than use cuticle oil daily (on weekdays) and keep my hands moisturised all the time. I don't use cuticle nippers, trimmers or anything like that. I guess I am just lucky. When I was young my cuticles used to fray and tear and were so painful so I am really pleased that I grew out of that phase.

      I use CND Solar Oil during the week and if I apply anything other than moisturiser at the weekend I will grab either my Bee Bar Lotion (solid bar) by All That Jazz or Lush Lemony Flutter but I only tend to do so if I have just done a manicure or if my hands are feeling dry.


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