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OPI Gelcolor Amazon...Amazoff

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm back again with the second of my picks from the OPI Brazil collection.  This swatch is Amazon...Amazoff and let me tell you, I am totally in love with this colour!!!

As always, you click on the photos TWICE to see them much larger!!

Amazon Amazoff is the first of the colours which caught my eye when I saw the press release.  It instantly jumped out at me, along with Where Did Suzi's Mango.  I am really pleased to have them both in my collection.
This shade is not a colour I would normally wear but I actually think it looks rather classy on the nail and isn't really an in your face shade of teal/green.

My pictures show Amazon...Amazoff slightly lighter and more teal than it looks in real life.  It is weird how this one shifts from teal to an almost deep forest green.  To be honest I don't really know what colour this polish is....but  I do know it is GORGEOUS!!!!  There is also an added surprise with Amazon Amazoff, as even though it is a creme finish, there is a pretty hidden green shimmer in the polish.  I love this quality to it as it adds some depth to the polish, I think it may also be responsible for me not being able to tell what the heck this colour actually is!!!

Before applying this manicure I figured that we have all probably seen a million and one pictures of Amazon Amazoff in the recent weeks since it was released, so I decided to do something a little different with this manicure.  I have teamed Amazon Amazoff with another OPI Gelcolor beauty, On Her Majesty's Secret Service from the OPI James Bond Skyfall winter 2012 collection.   The swatches below shows the superb sparkle in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (OHMSS). 

The formula of Amazon Amazoff was quite nice to work with, there was no pooling or shrinking so no need for flash curing. It is a really nice pigmented polish and opaque in two coats, although I used three for this manicure just to be sure.  I definitely think that hidden smattering of shimmer assisted in making this gel polish apply really nicely.

I was super careful with application and did zero clean up along my cuticle line.  I know that some bloggers have mentioned that the regular polish formula has stained their skin so I was cautious not to make mistakes with application.  I had to do one or two tiny spots of clean up along the side wall but kept that clean and simple by using an orange wood stick dipped in alcohol.  It remains to be seen if there is any staining on my nails when I remove this manicure...

OHMSS applied like a dream!  Personally, I think the application is almost identical to that of Next Stop The Bikini Zone and Wonderous Star apply, to me they all have a very similar quality to them.    It really was a dream to apply. Gel polish perfection!!  I can't believe it has taken me a whole year since purchasing to actually wear this absolute beauty of a polish!

Close up photo which shows the shimmer in Amazon...Amazoff (click image to make it much larger),
Amazon Amazoff - OPI Gelcolor
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - OPI Gelcolor

Below are a couple of extra pictures of my manicure, but this time taken in natural light, which still don't look exactly the right colour!

I admitted defeat at this point....I think the first picture is the most accurate....

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Beautiful! Teal is one of my favourite nail colours - I keep eyeing up Amazoff but I'm sure I must have a dupe. Or several, lol!

    1. Alison

      It's s really lovely colour....definitely unique in my collection. I think it would look amazing on you.

  2. Never would have thought of these two together but they look lovely. I don't really wear teal myself but it looks good on you :D P.S. your nails are insane <3

    1. Thanks so much!

      I can't wait to get that lightbox you showed on your blog last week :)


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