Friday, 11 July 2014

Over & Over A Gwen by OPI

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have a swatch of a sumptuous red to show you today.  This is Over & Over A Gwen from the Gwen Stefani collection.

Over & Over A Gwen is a fabulous berry toned red.  It has a crelly formula (a cross between a crème and a jelly) which is incredibly pigmented and yet retains the squishy appearance of a wet polish when dry.

This polish flows onto the nail like an absolute dream!  If you’re into red polish in a rush this is for you.  I kid you not, it almost applies itself.  No streaks. No pooling.  No patchiness.  It is super easy to get clean application lines along the cuticle and sidewalls of your nails with this polish and the Pro Wide brush.

Over & Over A Gwen has a crelly formula which is just utter perfection. 

It dries very quickly and is brought to life with the addition of a glossy topcoat. This swatch is of two astonishingly easy coats with one coat of HK Girl topcoat.

Over & Over A Gwen comes in a cute red and gold presentation box which has Gwen Stefani looking rather lovely on the the inside cover, the bottle cap also boasts a plastic wrapped finish which has Gwen’s signature on when makes it look fab but also means it is easy to pick this bottle out of your helmer/alex/scraggy old bag/box or whatever you store your polishes in.

Also contained in the box is a sheet of Swarovski crystals and studs along with a tube of nail glue to get fixing those stones to your fabulous talons!   A complete bargain as I managed to pick this beauty up from Sallys for only £6.20 + VAT!!

If you live near a Sallys and like the look of this gorgeous red polish then get yourself in store and buy one pronto.  They still have tons (okay at least 10 boxes) of them at the three Sallys I have been to in the past week.

I was also able to pick up all the other colours from the Gwen Stefani range on special offer in Sallys (with the exception of Hey Baby which I purchased from TNBL and then subsequently found in a Sally’s I’d already checked two days prior!). They are all currently £4 + VAT and that includes the gorgeous chrome polish Push & Shove, so you can bag a professional polish for under a fiver!

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