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Nailympia At Olympia Beauty 2014

Hi NaiLovelies!

So this week I have a somewhat different post for you.  Now that I am qualified in the trade, last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Nailympia at Olympia Beauty in London.  This was  the first ever trade show I have attended for nails and beauty and I was super excited.

I caught the train to good ol' London town bright and early and made my way to the venue.
Against my better judgement, I asked the attendant at the station for directions and he sent me to Earls Court, which would have been great if the exhibition had been at Earls Court and not Olympia!  Cue a 15 minute brisk walk to the correct venue!! I should have just caught a cab but I was meeting two lovely ladies and didn't want to be too late.....

I saw an amazing array of sparkly and bright coloured hard gels at the Living Colours stand.  Unfortunately, they hadn't packed any gel paints for the event so I walked away without buying anything.  I don't use hard gel but I am really interested in trying out some nail art with the gel paints.  I took their business card though so I can order from them online instead.

I was really spoiled for choice at the Beauty Sale stand and I managed to pick up a few essentials.  I brought a load of orange wood sticks, nail forms, cuticle clippers, a nail brush, UV topcoat, buffers and dapen dishes.  I wish I had got twice as much as the stuff was an absolute steal!!!  I'll definitely be checking out their website in future.

Next on our circuit around the packed venue was the fabulous Cuccio stand where I got the opportunity to meet the lovely Steven Rhys Wells and I had an interesting chat with him.

Cuccio Veneer is a soak off gel polish range that I have wanted to try for ages and as soon as
 I saw Nights In Napoli there was no going back!!!  

Just look at how gorgeous these colours are from the new Cafe Cuccio collection!!!  I was picking these up by the handful but I wasn't sure if it was the colour I loved or those amazing bejeweled bottle caps!

Turns out it was both and I picked up six bottles to try.  Upon reflection I didn't get enough so I quickly saw about rectifying that oversight and brought a couple more the following day direct from Cuccio.

All That Jazz

These are such gorgeous photos of the beautiful Jazz!  The All That Jazz stand felt like I was stepping into a polish lovers boudoir - I loved every minute of it!!  I met both Georgie Smedley, Owner of Hand and Nail Harmony UK and Jazz Smedley of All That Jazz.

Jazz was so welcoming and kind, she also gave me an awesome gift of polishes which I will be reviewing once I remove my gel polish manicure.

All That Jazz features exact duplicates of Gelish gel polish colours but in regular nail lacquer formula.  This is such a great idea for pedicures etc and the Jazz Medley duos are such a neat idea!

What a gorgeous array of colours and this is just a small snippet of what was available!

The IBD Just Gel Polish stand was crazy busy! 

It was a-m-a-zing being able to see every single IBD Just Gel colour and I could compare them against each other and others that I already have in my stash.  There are definitely more colours that I will be adding to my collection!!!

Glam Lac soak off gel had some fantastic colours!

This time a photo of some of the polish line from Glam Lac along with a sneaky shot of Nail Lacquer UK probably lining up the colours for her next promo shoot!


Gelaze by China Glaze soak off gel polish

China Glaze.  Just look at all that fabulous pink!!!!!

China Glaze All Aboard and Apocalypse Of Colour

I was super excited to visit the OPI stand, which had ever single colour available and a lovely group of security guards at the entrance!  The ladies on the stand were super helpful and informative.

I met the absolutely lovely Robert Nyguyen (@Nail_Guy), OPI Guest Artist.  To my complete show, after taking this photo with me he gave my blog a shout out whilst he was on stage.  Huge fan girl over here yep that's me!!

Here is @Nail_Guy hard at work before he kindly took a moment to have a picture taken with yours truly.  He's a great guy!

OPI Green On The Runway from the Coke collection being snapped up very quickly!  Too right, it is a stunning polish and you can take a look at my swatches and review here

The OPI stand was very busy with customers checking out the colours laid out beautifully in front of them.  I didn't quite know what to do with myself being met face to face with all the colours I have spent hours lusting after.

I think there was a OPI Nail Envy formula available for everyone on this shelf!

Look at all of those lovely Gelish gels lined up!!  Each set of people were assigned their own personal shopper to assist with any questions.  I saw some huge overflowing baskets of polish being purchased here!

Alessandro Sriplac it's a peel able gel and looks like an interesting product for those who can't resist picking off their gel polish!

Gel II I can't wait to try some polishes from this brand.  Apparently they wear incredibly well and they have some unique colours too.
Jessica Geleration there are now a fair few of these beauties on my wish list!

Jessica Nails

When I reached the Morgan Taylor stand my excitement was at an all time high.  It was great being able to stand and peruse all of the colours in one place!  There were so many gorgeous ones to choose from!

I spotted the Neon Lights collection two of which are in this picture.  They had HTF colours from some of the older collections.

Of course I had to stop off at the Artistic stand, I also found out all about their correction gel which comes in bottles or pots. 

I was truly amazed with this brand new gel polish product called VPP from Odyssey Nail Systems!

This gel product has the ability to create these designs all by itself!!  The crocodile prints are perfect for an animal print loving person such as myself who at this moment in time is totally lacking in the drawing ability area.  I need to try this product!

I saw a demo of the VPP product being applied.  It is incredible stuff.

The new Le Chat Perfect Match Pop of Vogue collection is super pretty with gorgeous densely packed glitters!

The ASU Le Chat stand had so many fabulous polishes!

Now this just looked weird!!  I couldn't get over the fact that so many people would have been lined up in those contraptions throughout the day.  I could probably do with a treatment or two though!

I was so happy to get the opportunity to meet up with Nail Lacquer UK so we caught our breath for 5 mins whilst at the Thalia stand and had this picture taken by DeesPolishedNails whom I also met for the first time but she was a little camera shy!  

Thanks for a great day ladies.....!
 Needless to say I brought even more stuff when you guys headed off home....

My modest haul

I cannot wait until the next event, I had an absolutely brilliant time.  It was a blast!  

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Wow Tracey~ That looks like so much fun!! :-)

    1. Jeanette, it was a great day!!! I had sooooo much fun and can't wait to do it again. Next time I am taking all of my gel polish swatch sticks with me and my credit card!!! :)


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