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Review: Morgan Taylor Neon Lights Collection

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have an exciting post to show you today.  Last year I was lucky enough to purchase the whole Morgan Taylor Neon Lights collection.

Before I move on to the swatches of these gorgeous neons, I just want to say that all of these polishes were applied over my soak off gel polish base which is TruGel Smoke & Mirrors, an opaque pastel yellow creme.
I can say however, that the Neon Lights collection of polishes have great coverage and do not require undies.  I am a huge fan of the #soakoffgelpolishcoverup so these are swatched as such and I jumped at the chance to show you them all seeing as the warmer months are fast approaching.

Topcoat was not applied to any of the following:

Watt Yel-looking At?

A seriously bright neon yellow which looks just like a highlighter pen!  Watt Yel-looking At? applied really well and was opaque in two coats!

Don't Worry Be Brilliant!

A super bright neon peachy coral.  This one is stunning on and I really didn't want to take it off.  It reminded me alot of Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy but on steroids!  This is my favorite of the collection and I think it is the perfect colour for a beach holiday.  Don't Worry Be Brilliant! has an excellent formula and is completely opaque in two easy coats.


A stunning neon hot pink!  This is another stunning polish which is more than your average hot pink polish.  Again, Flame-ingo has an awesome formula and is completely opaque in two easy coats.

Shock Therapy

A beautiful vibrant neon purple.  This is a beautiful polish which reminds me of Gelish You Glare I Glow, it is pretty much a dupe.  The formula for this one was a little trickier to apply as it is a little sheer like a crelly so it took three coats to reach full opacity.

Don't Touch Me, I'm Radioactive!

A gorgeous mid blue but to me this one is lacking in terms of neonness (if that is actually a word).  It is a gorgeous blue all the same and is very easy to wear.  I think that Making Waves would have been a better fit for this collection as it is a much brighter blue.  The formula for Don't Touch Me, I'm Radioactive! is a quite sheer and thinner than the others in this collection but this crelly was opaque in three coats.

Go For The Glow!

A super vivid bright neon apple green!  This was the first polish I purchased from the collection and decided to pick the others up on the strength of this.  The formula of Go For The Glow! is excellent and reaches opacity in almost one coat but two made it perfect.

Neon Lights



All are super easy to apply thanks to the great formula and brush.  Even the two sheerest polishes applied easily and dried quickly but not too quickly, they are very forgiving in terms of application and correcting mistakes.

In most cases just two coats but Don't Touch Me, I'm Radioactive! and Shock Therapy took three coats.

Totally!  These all have the ability to cover gel polish either with or without undies.

All of these removed easily and there was zero staining.

Wow, the Neon Lights Collection is a stunning collection of neon polishes.   The fact that they don't need undies and don't need a ton of coats really goes a long way to making these what I think are probably one of the best collections of mainstream neon polishes.  I am so happy that I have the full collection!

So, this brings to an end my review of the Neon Lights collection, but I can't just leave it there.....I have another stunning polish which I really think should have been included in the collection.

Orange Crush

A seriously in your face neon orange!  Amazing colour, awesome coverage and totally deserving of a place in the Neon Lights Collection even though Morgan Taylor missed an opportunity where that is concerned by putting it in the Halloween collection instead...

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Lovely swatches Tracey! I love that coral pink, it's beautiful!
    I miss you stilletos! Will those be coming back anytime soon?

  2. Your swatches are gorgeous! I picked up a couple of these last summer - the blue and the red/purple - and loved them. Now that peach is calling my name... Thank you for your wonderful review and photos!

  3. Amazing colours and swatches. I'd love to see these in a water marble ;)


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