Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Pink Zebra Manicure ~ NET Cancer Day

Hi NaiLovelies!

Today is NET (neuroendocrine tumour) Cancer Day and I have joined forces with some other fabulous bloggers to create a pink zebra print manicure in order to raise awareness of this rare form of cancer.

 I was saddened to hear that fellow blogger Emma from Em's Little Corner's husband was diagnosed with this condition almost a year ago.  As cancer is something which touches all of our lives in one way or another whether directly or indirectly, I was happy to lend my support today. 

We have come together to create a series of pink & zebra print manicures and as I love pink and animal print, this was a very easy brief to to work with.  

True to form,  I had no idea what I was going to create when I sat in my nail room but I knew Dashica Infinity 12 plate would be used for the zebra print as my nails are pretty long at the moment - MoYou just wouldn't cut it right now....  

 This is easily one of my favorite and well used stamping plates.  I am a girl who loves a bit of animal print!!

I used the following gel polishes for this manicure:

Le Chat - Starry Night Mood Polish (pinky nail)
Gel II - Extreme White (ring fingernail)
OPI GelColor - Can't Hear Myself Pink (middle and index nails)
Gel II - Midnight Black (thumb)
Magpie Beauty - Eartha Magpie Glitter (thumb)
Mundo De Unas - Black stamping polish
Dashica - Infinity 12 plate (stamping)
Square silver studs

To learn more about NET cancer, please click the zebra below for more information

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Love them! I might have to have a look at getting some Dashica plates as my I'm currently trimming my nails just to fit moyou images on haha! x

    1. Thank you Becca!

      Dashica plates are a great length - well, some of them. If you do get some use plates 12 and 42 as a guide for the longer length images as some of the images on the plates run to the same size as MoYou XL.

  2. I love everything about this Tracey! Adding more things to my "list".... :-)

  3. Such a beautiful manicure Tracey. I think I might have to buy that magpie glitter too.


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