Thursday, 17 December 2015

Festive Christmas Tree & Glitter Manicure

Hi NaiLovelies!

Christmas is coming and Tracey is getting fat - oops, I mean the goose is getting fat!

I've not had much spare time to prepare for Christmas this year because I have been very busy making sure my lovely clients have beautiful nails for their upcoming festive events.  One thing that is proving popular (apart from red nails!) is GLITTAAAHHH!!  Luckily, I invested in some awesome Magpie Glitters a few weeks ago and my clients can't get enough of them and nor can I.

This week, I have been wearing the absolutely gorgeous Goldie with a little Blossom and Holly thrown in for good measure.  I used two coats of Gel II Golden Mirage under one coat of Goldie.

I absolutely love warm toned Goldie and I think she looks amazing with this Christmas Tree feature nail.

I created the feature nail by applying two coats of IBD Just Gel Ivory Tower and then covered it with a single coat of Magpie Glitter Blossom.  I then set the outline of the tree using nail vinyls before laying down a coat of Red Carpet Manicure Emmy-rald Winner before flash curing, removing the vinyls and then fully curing the design.

Next, I mixed Magpie Glitter Holly into Emmy-rald Winner and then used a detailer brush to keep the glitter laden gel polish within the lines I created with the vinyls.  I did this twice and then added multi-coloured decorations to the tree using Trugel Let's Celebrate.  I finished the tree with a golden hued nail gem in the shape of a star to finish the design perfectly, I sealed everything in with two coats of Gel II Mirror Shine No Cleanse topcoat.

I like to help my clients can see as many lovely glitters in my collection as possible do I have been sporting yet another mismatched manicure.

This time I opted to wear Magpie Glitter Silvia on my right hand over Gel II Metallic.  I finished the manicure with a stamped feature nail using the UberChic Christmas plate 01 which I purchased from She Sells Seashells, the UK distributor for UberChic.

Surprisingly, the two hands of this mismatched mani complement each other very well and they look incredibly festive - even though our house doesn't have any decorations up yet....

I'm not sure what colour I will be wearing next but with all these gorgeous glitters to choose from I am well and truly spoiled for choice.

Ciao 4 Now

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