Monday, 29 August 2016

Sugar| Ice Whitefire ~ by Social Claws

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have something really gorgeous to show you today - I received these beautiful nano crystals called Ice Whitefire from SUGAR by Social Claws, I am absolutely in love with this stuff!!!

My sister got married earlier this month and I wanted something special to wear on my nails for her big day.  Sugar| ICE is the perfect glamorous embellishment for wedding/party nails!  This glistening nano crystal caviar from Social Claws is amazing and oh so gorgeous!   I'm so happy Angela reached out to me to review this product because it worked out perfectly for my wedding mani plans.

The packaging for ICE is absolutely stunning and unique.  The Ice Whitefire crystals come vacuum packed in a black triangular shaped cardboard box.

The crystals come with a handy metal tray to catch/hold the crystals in place and also a black mesh organza bag which can be used to store your Ice.

My swatch seriously doesn't do ICE justice it is way more sparkly like diamonds.  Unfortunately, as this was my first attempt at using these caviar crystals and for such an important manicure, it so happened that I was overly keen to keep every single crystal in place so instead of 'tickling' my topcoat around the outer edge of my abstract floral design I also added it between the the crystals which dulled them slightly.

To create the design, I used Gel II Glass to set the Ice crystals and I applied the Glass in an abstract floral image using one of my bridesmaid dresses as inspiration before generously sprinkling with ICE Whitefire.

Not a great picture but it shows a bit of the print of my dress and what I was working with for inspiration.

Even though I overdid the topcoat I really love how sparkly and special my nails looked and I was able to enjoy (okay, okay, I sobbed through most of the day - it's very emotional seeing you little sister who you love so much being so happy and full of love on such a special day) without having to worry for a second about how well my nails were holding up.

Sugar | Ice is available from Social Claws and costs only £17.51 + shipping.  This is an excellent price for such a high quality product which is reusable although I wouldn't reuse the crystals for my clients.

SUGAR | ice box contains: 2,000 cuts of ice securely vacuum sealed in an anti-static bag, gem tray and an additional bag for cleaning, drying and storage.

I can't wait to try Whitefire again using a different design and I may even add some Blackstar which I purchased and see what I can come up with.

Ciao 4 Now

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