Tuesday, 13 September 2016

OPI GelColor ~ I Cannoli Wear OPI With Temporary Stamping

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm back again.....One of the benefits of having shorter nails is that I am way more inclined to do my nails regularly which means lots of mani pics and blog posts to share.

I have a huge love of Dixie Plate DP02, Kate Dix has done such an amazing job with this plate.  I seem to be reaching for it rather regularly for both myself and my clients it's a winner in my book.  It is super versatile and it is really easy to find the perfect image to fit your mani mood.  

The shatter image I used from the DP02 plate is highlighted with a black square on the photograph above.

Today I fancied trying out the ever popular shattered image which lends itself perfectly to double stamping.  I am a huge fan of images like this and double stamping especially when using an image which does not rely on perfect positioning as it makes the whole process of adding nail art completely stress free. 

I am currently eagerly awaiting delivery of DP04 which is the newly released and equally gorgeous addition to the Dixie Plate line up.

Just look a the blossom image on the top row and the bottom row just screams that it is made for layering images!

To create this mani I applied three coats of OPI Gelcolor Alpine Snow and three coats of OPI GelColor I Cannoli Wear OPI before applying a coat of OPI GelColor Topcoat.  I then removed the tacky inhibition layer and applied Orly Bonder which is a regular sticky basecoat perfect for using over the slick surface of gel polish.  

Adding the regular polish basecoat acts perfectly as a base for my stamping to prevent smudging when when applying the stamping and also to extend the wear for a few extra days.  

I intend to remove this stamping design and use the grey and white as a blank canvas for another manicure.  

I have been doing this method for years and I now call it 'Temporary Stamping' as it means I can change the stamping and design of the manicure as often as I like without having to commit to the stamping for the duration of the gel polish manicure.  My clients love this option as it offers flexibility, especially if they are new to nail art and unsure whether to commit to it for a couple of weeks.

I Cannoli Wear OPI - OPI GelColor
Alpine Snow - OPI GelColor
Silver Foil Polish - Barry M
Special Black Polish - Konad
DP02 - Dixie Plates
Quick Dry Topcoat - Glisten & Glow, HK Girl
Orly Bonder - Basecoat

Sods law a couple of weeks after filing down my nails I had an incident with my car boot and my huge somewhat overzealous dog which resulted in three low breaks on my right hand.

The naughty culprit

I'm currently sporting two different nail shapes on my nails.

I have rounded them off to protect them whilst they grow out.  This always happens when I change nail shape. Never mind, they will grow quickly.  To accentuate the different nail shapes I decided for a vice-versa approach to this mani so both hands are the opposite of each other.

I love this design, it is so much fun and I am looking forward to trying out another design in a few days - I'm thinking perhaps something floral, paisley......or colourful.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. Hi. I like your "temporary stamping" and think it's a great idea. I also think the rounded shape looks nice on you.

    1. Thank you. I like the round shape too but my fav is the coffin shape which I absolutely love.

      Temporary stamping is what I usually do on my nails so I can change the design really easily - even if I don't end up changing it...

  2. Oh my gosh! One, your dog is gorgeous! 😁 Two, I am on my 2nd gel mani ever and have been searching the web like a woman obsessed for the solution to my RNP-top-coated temporary stamping (as you so aptly named it) peeling right off the glass-slick gel top coat. Sticky base coat! Brilliant—thanks for sharing this tip!

    1. Thank you, Ernie will be pleased to hear that - I will let him know as soon as he wakes up and moves his head off my laptop. :)

      I'm a huge fan of temporary stamping and the basecoat under the stamping helps so much with reducing smudging during stamping and peeling a day later. I hope it works for you to.

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