Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Gel II Reaction Rhythm ~ Mostly Mauve

Hi NaiLovelies!

I'm still loving my short nails and I have really enjoyed being able to change manicures relatively easily without having to carry out any tedious repairs.

Gel II Mostly Mauve & Magpie Bell -Transition

To create this manicure I applied three coats of Gel II Mostly Mauve over a coat of Gel II Skyscraper Basecoat to ease removal.  I then applied a coat of Magpie Bell which I dabbed into the tacky layer of Gel II American French Pink which I added to ensure that I had sufficient inhibition layer to adhere the glitter.  I then applied two coats of Gel II No Cleanse topcoat before stamping the floral image using Color Club Wild At Heart (dark purple holographic polish) and Dixie Plate DP02.

Gel II Mostly Mauve & Magpie Bell - Cold

Mostly Mauve - Gel II Reaction (thermal) gel polish
Gel II Skyscraper Base Coat
American French Pink - Gel II
Bell - Magpie Glitter
Dixie Plate - DP02
No Cleanse Topcoat - Gel II
Wild At Heart - Color Club
HK Girl - Glisten & Go

Gel II Mostly Mauve & Magpie Bell -Warm
This mani turned out way greener than I anticipated, so next time I will use a glitter with a clear/white base like Magpie Lilly, Pearl or Blossom rather than one which has an colour undertone.

This image from DP02 plate is fast becoming one of my favourites, it looks different (and gorgeous) with every mani I have used it on so far and it is one my clients are instantly drawn towards.

Ciao 4 Now

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