Thursday, 19 June 2014

Green On The Runway by OPI

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have another polish from the OPI Coca Cola Collection to share with you today.  This is Green On The Runway and man oh man it’s a corker!!

Green On The Runway is a duochrome transitioning from deep forest green to bronzed chocolate brown deliciousness with a liberal dusting of lime green shimmer all of which adds depth and a beautiful sparkle especially in sunlight.   The duochrome shift is visible without feeling the need to hold your fingernails at extreme angles, it is ever present and has an enigmatic quality because of the hues chosen to create duochrome transition.

It’s gorgeous and unique in my entire collection of regular nail polish, soak off gels and indies!!

The formula of Green On The Runway is impeccable.  It flows onto the nail perfectly and although the first coat is a little streaky (which is to be expected) it instantly evens out on the second coat with zero effort leaving  smooth colour shifting jewels on the ends of your fingertips.

I’m so happy I picked this one up quickly and added it to my collection – I actually got the last one listed on TNBL last week!!!

I plan to get two more polishes from the OPI Coca Cola collection, Today I Accomplished Zero and You’re So Vain-illa, but I’ll wait until Sallys Salon Services finally has them in store so I can see the colours in person and compare to others I have - before I part with my cash!! 

Picture of OPI Green On The Runway, taken with flash.

Ciao 4 Now


  1. This looks fantastic - like beetle wings :)

    1. It's a fab colour!! Are you going to get this one - it would look fab and your pictures no doubt will be awesome! I'm tempted to send you mine on loan just so you can photograph it properly :) Hahaha!!


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