Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mini Manicures ~ IBD Midnight Martinis

Hi NaiLovelies!

Today I have a swatch of a gorgeous gel polish called Midnight Martinis from IBD Just Gel Polish to show you.  I can't believe this has sat untried in my stash for so long.....I mean, who would do a crazy thing like that, just look at it!!!  

Purple base with blue and red glitters

Haute Frost

Jelly base with dense multi sized and shard glitters

Easy application.  I experienced zero shrinking or pooling.  Flash curing was not required

Three coats to reach opacity

Wow!! Midnight Martinis is an absolute stunner!    There are few words I can think of which could capture just how beautiful this gel polish is!   This is a super fabulous vampy shade which I am completely in love with.

Midnight Martinis is super super sparkly both in sunlight and artificial light and I found it hard to capture this on camera.  With the addition of the reflective shard glitters and the combination of blue and red glitters I honestly don't have anything else like this in my collection.  I just can't stop looking at this.

It applied perfectly in two easy coats but I added another just to be sure to get consistent coverage.  The only downside is I found that as a result of the high glitter content and the large red shard glitters it can sometimes apply a little on the bumpy side so care needs to be taken during application.  Luckily, it's nothing a nice coat of gel topcoat won't fix.

A macro shot of IBD Midnight Martinis

Ciao 4 Now



  1. Fabulous! I've been eyeing this color since I saw a swatch stick of it (it might have even been yours), but now that it's fall, I think it's time to buy. :)

    1. Oooooh Sara, it most definitely is the time to buy. It's such an interesting gel polish.

    2. It's in the mail. :) Have you seen Lechat's Ready For My Closeup? It's an insanely beautiful glitter polish (a dark blue jelly with silver and fuchsia glitter I think) so it has all these color variations of the blue jelly over the glitters, giving it incredible depth. Ready For My Closeup seems like a brighter color combo, but I'm thinking/hoping Midnight Martinis is the same type of deal. I can't wait!

    3. Hi Sara

      I have seen swatches of Ready For My Close Up and I love it! Actually, I was going to buy it this time last year after I purchased Night At The Cinema but somehow I never got around to getting it. I must pop that beautiful polish back on my wish list!!

      Thanks so much for the reminder :)

      Ciao 4 Now

  2. How close is this to LeChat Night at the Cinema? It looks darker to me here.

    1. Hi CuriousCreature

      On me Midnight Martinis looks pretty dark in normal light and daylight. In sunshine and office lighting it appears lighter so the purple tone is more apparent.

      I've sent you a post to see comparison photos of NATC and Midnight Martinis. I think it's worth having both, but I can't help but add to my collection!!


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