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All That Jazz Nail Lacquer Review

Hi NaiLovelies!

During my recent visit to Olympia Beauty I was very lucky to meet the gorgeous Jazz from the fabulous All That Jazz line of polishes.  We chatted about All That Jazz and I told her all about my blog and love of all things nails.  I was really pleased when Jazz offered me some great products to review....!

 So without further ado I am going to show you these beautiful polishes.....

I really hit the jackpot with the polishes that were given to me by Jazz. 

I was given the following items to review:

All That Jazz Bee Bar Lotion - Natural Scented
All That Jazz Baseline Base Coat
All That Jazz Double Top Topcoat For Glitter
Barfly Blues
Standing 'O'
Front & Center

Right off the bat, I loved the cool and funky names given to these polishes.  They are so imaginative and hip - I instantly fell in love with them!

The first product I tried was Double Top - Topcoat for Glitter and wow!  After trying this product I fast tracked this review because I was simply stunned and amazed by how good this topcoat is.  It is not marketed as a fast drying topcoat but it dries down in pretty much the same amount of time as Seche Vite.  Within a few minutes of applying this fantastic self-leveling beauty my nails were touch dry!!  I almost choked on my glass on wine when I realised how quickly my nails had dried.  I also have a strange love and appreciation for the scent of this topcoat.  I think it smells gorgeous - it most definitely has a unique fragrance to it.

You can see I have already made a dent in my bottle of Double Top - it is my current Go To topcoat!

Next I tried Baseline, the base coat by All That Jazz.  Again, another great product.  I'm not sure what to say about a base coat other than, I encountered zero staining from highly pigmented polishes when using this basecoat.  My manicures wore very well and applied very smoothly when applied on top of Baseline.  I will also add that Baseline dries incredibly quickly - not so quick that you cannot fix any mistakes if you accidently skip a bit but quick enough that you can start applying your colour coats directly after you have painted Baseline onto the final nail.  This is a must - as a gel user I am used to 30 second dry times and I don't like to hang about waiting for any of my coats to dry down.

Next I tried Bee Bar Lotion and I am really impressed by it. Not only does it smell devine yet not in an overpowering way - it also made light work of moisturising my cuticles and nails.  I do not have issues with dry cuticles but going by the way this makes my skin feel I am sure it could tackle the driest of skin and beat it into softened submission.

Look at that super cute embossed bumble bee on the top of the Bee Bar.  I have been using this a fair bit but after the first use I flipped it over and continued using product from the back of the bar because I knew I would be photographing this beauty.

As a blogger I really have tried to find the holy grail of cuticle butters which not only take care of my cuticles but do so in a way where they don't look like a greasy oil slick reflecting the light and not making for the best photos.  I have been using Bee Bar for over a month now and I love everything about it.  Post manicure it has quickly become my go to cuticle butter, espcically since I tend to photograph my manicures straight after application.

Now onto the stars of the show, I've covered the essentials, now onto the flashy bits!

All That Jazz - Barfly Blues

All That Jazz - Barfly Blues

I went straight for the intensely pigmented teal polish which is named Barfly Blues.  I wasn't sure what a Barfly was (I've researched and now know ) but trust me if I was this Barfly adorned in this awesome shade I would be far from blue.  This is a stunning polish!.

It is a creme finish and it applied like butter!  I flowed onto the nail, there was no patchiness, no pooling it was incredibly well behaved and just look how gorgeous this is!

For this swatch I applied two coats of Barfly Blues over a coat of Baseline and topped with a coat of Double Top.  Perfection!

I can say that now because I had to paint this manicure twice because my first set of photos were a total wash out.  Teal, purple and red are notoriously difficult for me to photograph and my first attempt proved that to be true.  But after a few days and a quick flick of a few buttons on my camera I was ready for take two and I captured the beauty of this polish.

 All That Jazz - Standing 'O'

Barfly Blues was the perfect base for the black and white glitter topper called Standing 'O'.  This topper contains small and micro matte white and black hex glitters suspended in a clear base.  One coat provided excellent coverage.

All That Jazz - Front & Center

For the final polish I wanted to try some nail art to show this one off.  I have only done a tape manicure once on my nails.  I wanted this manciure to be striking and really show this polish off.

I applied two careful coats of Front & Center over Morgan Taylor Litle Black Dress which was applied over the top of OPI Angel With A Lead Foot.  The black and white backdrop really shows how fun and gorgerous Front and Center is.

Like Standing 'O' the viscosity of the clear base is the perfect consistency to suspend the glitter and to apply it to the nail totaly hassle free.  There was no fishing for glitter and the only dabbing I had to do was along the demarcation line between the white and black as I applied Front & Center after applying the other two colours.

I own Gelish Lots of Dots and I can confirm that Front & Center is an exact dupe!

Overall, I am really really happy with these polishes.  All That Jazz is now totally on my radar.  I love the fact that this brand is easy for me to purchase in the UK, is 3 Free and many of the colours are dupes of those in the Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish line.

 A couple of nail breaks hampered my efforts to post this as few weeks ago, as did not being entirely happy with the photos so I had to redo the manicures all over again but it was definitely worth it.  I really enjoyed using all of these polishes and I am blown away by the quality of them!

Ciao 4 Now

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