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Mini Manicures ~ IBD Just Gel Petal Imprint

Hi NaiLovelies!

It's me again and guess what!? I am back again this time with the last of my picks from the beautiful IBD Floral Metric collection.  This time I have a swatch of the gorgeous and much loved Petal Imprint to share with you today.

Raisin (rich dusty maroon)

Floral Metric


Not too bad

Three coats but only takes two to reach full opacity.

Waaah waaah weee waaaah!!!!  I'm in lurrrrrrvvveeeee!  So this colour right here is right up my street!  I like to expieriment with colour but let me just put it out there that deep vampy shades like this are where I feel happiest.

When I purchased Petal Impint I ditthered a fair bit because I thought it was going to be brown so I had the feeling it would be very similar to IBD Fall Forward, which I already own.  Urrrrmm, WRONG!  It is nothing like Fall Forward whatsoever and against my skintone Petal Imprint does not read as a brown polish.  Next I started panicking that it would be similar to OPI Gelcolor OPI Scores A Goal - which like any self-respecting nail polish hoarder/addict  lover, I purchased it a month ago and then promptly forgot that I had it.....!  Anyway, it turns out that the delicious Petal Imprint is a fair few shades darker than OPI Scores A Goal so yep, you guessed it - I am keeping both so there!

For your viewing pleasure I took a quick side by shot of the two nearly the same polishes and posted it below and on my Facebook page

The swatch stick at the top is OPI Gelcolor OPI Scores a goal and IBD Petal Imprint.

Now lets move on from the full-on love that I have for this polish - as I sit here typing this review with this stunner on my nails I recall the not so uneventful time I had applying it.  Don't get me wrong it is not the trickiest tricky trickster to apply per se, but it's not just 'slap it on your nails' easy either....


When I swatched Petal Imprint one on a nail pop stick it wrinkled on me when I flash cured it for 10 seconds - so as a result I steered well clear from flash curing this one when I applied it for my manicure.  It is a little 'creep across the nail(ish)' so to fix the first coat I had to go for a full 30 second cure in my OPI LED lamp.  I did not want to risk flash curing for less time with such a heavily pigmented creamy polish only for it to wrinkle on me and make me all sad.  Luckily as I use a great quality professional LED lamp with a 30 second cure it wasn't too much of a problem to wait for 30 seconds but if I had been using my CND UV lamp with a 2 minute cure time I wouldn't have been quite so cool about the situation.....  As a result, this one loses a bottle in the final score as it wasn't the easiet polish to apply.

I found the formula very similar to that of Hippie Dippie but because of high pigmentation it was just a tad more on the tempermental side.  That said, the seond and third coats were applied without curing after every other nail was painted as the second and third coats are way more forgiving than the first which pretty much sets the base for how neat the manicure will look.

So this review brings to an end my swatches of the Floral Metric collection.  It is not often that I fall for and purchase a full collection in its entirety however, six polishes out of this eight piece collection really hit the mark for me in terms of colour and formula. 

Ciao 4 Now

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