Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mini Manicures ~ IBD Just Gel Polish Banjos Make Her Dance

Hi NaiLovelies!

I have what I believe to be the 'star of the show' from the IBD Just Gel Polish Floral Metric collection.  This sparkling beauty is Banjos Make Her Dance, a fabulously shimmery glitter!

Gold, Red, Orange & Black glitter mix

Floral Metric

Glitter in a clear base

Pretty easy application for a glitter. 
I was careful to keep brush strokes to a minimum in order to prevent brushing the glitter off each nail.


In this picture you can just about make out the shard glitters near the centre of the index and middle fingers

This is a gorgeous autumnal toned glitter!

  When I purchased Banjos Make Her Dance I was concerned that it would be a dupe or at least a close cousin of IBD Moroccan Spices.  I am pleased to report that it most definitely is not even close.  The mix of gold, black and red glitters is really pretty and I was pleasantly surprised to see some lighter orange toned shard glitters pop onto my nails during application.

I am super impressed with the coverage of this glitter.  Usually I need to resort to sponging on glitter gel polishes (a tip I picked up from my friend Joey) in order to get decent coverage without a ton of gel base ending up on my nails.  With Banjos Make Her Dance this was not an issue - there is alot of glitter in the base which is quite thin, a quick shake and holding the bottle upside down a few times during application was enough to get the coverage you see here in just three hassle free coats.

 A deliberately blurred picture to capture the sparkle of this beauty

Ciao 4 Now



  1. I must try sponging on the gel glitter next time!

    1. It's a great way to get good coverage with gel polish glitters. Maximum glitter payoff and the gel coats remain thin.

  2. Thank you for this swatch! I was wondering (like you) if it was like Moroccan Spice, but your great pictures show me that it's not, and that I NEED this color! :)

    1. It really is a gorgeous glitter Katie. I should really take a comparison photo to this post of Morrocan Spices and Banjos Make Her Dance.


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