Saturday, 30 November 2013

Milquetoast by Crows Toes

Hiya NaiLovelies!

I have a fantastic indie polish to show you all today.  I am wearing the fabulous Milquetoast by Crows Toes.  I have had my eye on this one for a few months so was pleased as punch when Llarowe had a restock recently, I jumped at the chance to purchase this beauty.

Milquetoast is from Crows Toes Spring 2013 collection and is absolutely stunning!  It is a milky white crelly base with shiny copper hex glitters, fine copper glitter and scattered holographic glitter. 

Milquetoast is quite a subtle polish yet very noticeable, it kisses you softly whilst giving you a sweet cuddle, rather than smacking you clean in the face for some attention!  I am really pleased that I am able to carry off this colour against my skintone as I thought it might be too light for me as I don't usually wear this kind of colour.

I am wearing two super easy coats over my OPI Gelcolor My Vampire Is Buff manicure.  Application of this polish is superb and it only takes two super thin coats to achieve opacity, without undies!  In fact, I think this could be a one coater!  It dries quickly and required no dabbing to assist with placement of the glitter, it went on perfectly!

A close up of Milquetoast to show the complex glitters

 My inspiration for this manicure was found a few months ago whilst I was researching this polish.  I stumbled across a blog post by Globe and Nail and instantly fell in love with how she pulled together this manicure, breaking up the glitter element with complimentary studs.  As you can see her post didn't just inspire me, I actually chose to recreate it!!!

Source: Glove & Nail

My Vampire Is Buff - OPI Gelocolor
Milquetoast - Crows Toes
Copper 3mm studs - eBay

I am really impressed by this polish and I am looking forward to trying out the other Crows Toes polishes I purchased which are very different to Milquetoast but just as goregous!

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    1. I love it!!! Pinot a colour I would normally go for but I fell in love with all the swatches I saw before deciding to purchase :)


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