Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A2Z Series - U Is For 'Unusual'

 Hi NaiLovelies!

We're edging closer and closer to the end of the A2Z Challenge.....  This week we have reached the letter U and the prompt word is 'UNUSUAL'.

I wasn't sure what to do this week but to be honest most of my manicures are not pre-planned and just come to me when I sit at my desk.  I struggled a bit because for some reason I kept thinking that unusual had to be ugly or out there but it dawned on me this morning that it could just mean unusual for me or using unusual products I have never used before or combining different techniques.  So, I ditched the 'ugly' idea and went for pink with a difference.

To create this 'unusual for me' manicure I applied Color Club Hot Like Lava to all of my nails which I painted over my Trugel Smoke & Mirrors gel polish manicure.  I then used the nail stamping marbling technique often used by the fab NailStamp4Fun.  Using this method I applied dots of OPI Hey Baby, Color Club Halo Hues, Cherubic, Harp On It, Miss Bliss and Color Club Hot Like Lava.

Once the polishes dried, I added a coat of The Edge Nail Foil Glue and left to dry before applying some hot pink nail foil to each nail.  I topcoated to smooth but I left the pinky finger un-topcoated just so I could see the difference in the finish of the nails.

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